Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO, Here’s One To His Legacy

Jeff Bezos

If you don’t know who Jeff Bezos is then you’re surely living under a rock as the man needs no introduction.

Yesterday, he put an end to his very long and inspiring run of being Amazon’s CEO, which is the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

Jeff Bezos
He’s an inspiration for the entrepreneurial world and he is much more than just a CEO.

Starting from a guy who knocks away at your door with a bag of books to someone who’ll meet you only with appointments scheduled few months prior, he crafted a legacy for himself and the world.

At current, Amazon has a market value of more than $1.7 trillion and they are not stopping anywhere.

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The key thing about Jeff Bezos as everyone says that he is an artist when it comes to picking up business that works out great.

He started Amazon when the internet was just rising and he started AWS at the peak of that internet bubble, when everyone wanted to be on the internet, providing them with a space for doing their business.

Now, in the next run of his life, he’ll be focusing on private space exploration firms, philanthropy, and other things that he did not get the time to do while he was the CEO of Amazon.

So, from now on you can say that Andy Jassy is the new CEO of Amazon and while this is true, it does not mean that Jeff would not hold a strong seat at the table. He’s still the executive chair and holds the power to any decision-making if he wants to.

If you have to say one thing about Jeff Bezos then we can say that he is the best business architect of our time.

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He created companies that created other companies, solved problems that the world faced in delivering goods, produced jobs in unmeasurable counts and whatnot.

So, the man is leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered always and be studied by all. Now, if you want your fill of more then you can always tune into FlickonClick Google News Page.

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