Top 12 Adult Movies, Web Series and TV Shows to Watch Online on Disney+ Hotstar

Check out the sexiest movies and shows to watch on Disney+ Hotstar.


Adult movies, web series and TV shows from the Hindi film industry are streaming online on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. These shows and films will keep you hooked with their steamy and racy content that is bound to make you feel elated and excited. If you are someone who wants to watch the hottest movies and shows from Hotstar online but finds it a hassle to go through the extensive library of Hotstar, then you have arrived at the right place cause we have listed the sexiest movies that you can find online on Hotstar nowadays. So, without any further wait let’s find out the hottest, boldest and sexiest movies and web series on Hotstar.

Top 12 Adult Movies, Web Series and TV Shows to Watch Online on Disney+ Hotstar

1- Rosaline


You must have heard the old tale of Romeo and Juliet, but do you know about the woman who was in love with Romeo before he ultimately fell for Juliet? This adult movie from Hollywood tells the story of Rosaline, the jilted ex of Romeo. The movie is both fun and exciting. It is surely one of the hottest movies to watch on Hotstar online.

2- Euphoria


One of the most acclaimed adult web series on Hotstar, Euphoria stars Zendaya in the lead. The show follows the life of a troubled girl exploring her own self. It is an interesting show that will keep you hooked as you get immersed in the life of the main characters. However, you should watch this steamy show only when you are alone.

3- Never Been Kissed

Never been kissed

Drew Barrymore is beauty personified in this steamy film on Hotstar that follows a woman reporter who has to go undercover in order to make a report on the lives of high school students. This film is a package of entertainment that will keep you fascinated all the time.

4- Mrs. Fletcher

4- Mrs. Fletcher

A critically acclaimed sexy show on Disney+ Hostar, Mrs. Fletcher follows the life of a divorced woman who adopts a sexy persona in order to rekindle her dating life. However, she is surprised by the erotic opportunities that come in her way. Definitely, a must-watch web series.

5- Ever After

ever after

If you have ever wondered about watching an adult version of the classic tale of Cinderella then this is the movie for you Disney+ Hotstar. The film follows a woman who is treated as a servant by her stepmother and stepsister, but when she crosses paths with the young heir to the throne, her life completely alters.

6- Angels in America

angels in america

Stars like Al Pacino, Meryl Steep and Emma Thompson star in this hot and sexy web series on Disney+ Hotstar. The show follows the life of two gay lovers and a woman who is trying to come up with the realisation of facing the sexuality of her son.

7- Fire Island

fire island

A group of four queer friends arrive at fire island to have the best time of their life. However, a sudden change of events jeopardises their friendship. It is an emotionally hot film on Hostar that will make you cry at times.

8- Out of Love

out of love

Mirzapur fame Rasika Dugal stars in this sexy web series on Disney+ Hotstar in which a woman becomes obsessed with uncovering the identity of her husband’s courtesan. The show has a great bit of suspense and drama which makes it a steamy and racy thriller to watch online.

9- Moulin Rogue!

9- Moulin Rogue!

One of the best adult movies to watch online on Hotstar, Moulin! Rogue follows a man who goes to Paris to join the Bohemian revolution. He visits the city’s biggest nightclub and falls in love with the star performer and courtesan of the club.

10- Grey’s Anatomy

grey anatomy

One of the longest-running medical drama TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy, is filled with hot scenes that will make your heart beat faster. The show follows the lives of surgical residents, doctors and their supervisors. It is a long-long show which can keep you entertained for a very long time.

11- Titanic


The ultimate love story of Jack and Rose is immortal in the hearts of all of us. Titanic is a cinematic masterpiece and also one of the sexiest films to watch online on Disney+ Hotstar. Kate Winslet looked like the most beautiful woman ever on the face of the planet in this film.

12- West Side Story

west side story

Last but not least on the list of adult movies, shows and web series to watch online on Disney+ Hotstar is West Side Story which follows the life of two lovers who are associated with rival gangs.


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