Top 10 Latest Feet Mehndi Design for This Wedding Season


Feet Mehndi Design for this wedding season: Feet mehndi designs are a necessity if you are attending a highly auspicious function like a wedding. It is more of an essentiality for brides across India. The traditional feet mehndi designs have started to go out of fashion and now women are looking for something extraordinary that will make people go wow. Here we have listed some of the most elaborate feet mehndi designs that you can find right now. These designs will make you the star of a wedding. So, without further chitchat let’s start the list you must have been waiting for.

10 Latest Feet Mehndi Design

1- Mandala Feet Mehndi Design

1- Mandala feet mehndi design

Mandala mehndi designs are known for their elaborate scheme of pattern and this feet mehndi design surely fits that criteria. It is perfect for any bride who wants to be in the spotlight at the wedding. Moreover, this design also pays homage to the traditional mehndi designs which make it a popular choice for women of all generations.

2- Border Mehndi Design for Feet

Border Mehndi Design for Feet

This one is a minimalistic feet mehndi design that is getting very popular nowadays. The brides are loving this design as it has that spunk which is needed in today’s world. Moreover, it highlights the borders of the feet and draws great attention to the corners of the feet. Whoever will see this design will have to take a look once more for its uniqueness.

3- Highly Elaborate Feet Mehndi Design

Highly Elaborate Feet Mehndi Design

If you are someone who cannot be satisfied with a half-hearted attempt at a mehndi design then this is the perfect mehndi pattern for your feet. It is so elaborate that it will take you definitely about 3-4 hours to completely get this mehndi pattern on your feet. However, once it is done it looks extremely beautiful and blows out the other feet mehndi designs with ease. This one is for all the brides who carry the swag.

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4- Ankle Feet Mehndi Design

Ankle Feet Mehndi Design

Another minimalistic feet mehndi design that has been gaining huge fame right now is this ankle-specific mehndi design. It ignores all the parts of the feet except the ankles. The design is surely not easy to draw and will require professional help. It is a trendy mehndi design that is perfect for bridesmaids.

5- Floral Mehndi Design

Floral Mehndi Design

Floral mehndi designs can never go out of fashion, can they? This one uses the motifs of flowers and leaves to convey a very beautiful message of beauty in nature. It also comes into the category of minimalistic mehndi designs that are very popular with brides nowadays. The design has sheer perfection and boasts great skills. You can just never go wrong with it. Certainly, one of the best feed mehndi designs right now and personally recommended by us.

6- Feet Sole Mehndi Design

Feet Sole Mehndi Design
Henna by SIMA

Now let’s focus on something very unique. This is one of those feet mehndi designs that are not going to be the focus of any function as this design is mostly hidden all of the time. However, a bride can opt for this mehndi pattern as well to surprise people with her creativity. The sole of the feet design is very uncommon which makes it an interesting choice.

7- Simple Feet Mehndi Design

Simple Feet Mehndi Design

It can’t get simpler than this. It is one of the simplest mehndi designs for your feet. If you are someone who has a flair for creativity and can definitely handle the mehndi by yourself then you should try drawing this design by yourself on your feet. The simplistic pattern of this feet mehndi design also makes it quite special.

8- Stunning Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

Stunning Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

While the last one was simple this one is the most difficult feet mehndi design on this list. It is perfect for brides who are not willing to let anyone steal their thunder at the wedding. It’s a masterpiece that only a highly skilful mehndi artist can create. Also, this design looks best when the hand mehndi design compliments it.

9- Intricate Mehndi Design

Intricate Mehndi Design
Henna Payal

This one is the favourite among the brides of this generation. There is a group of women who love highly intricate and detailed feet mehndi designs and this one is surely made for them. You won’t find many mehndi designs which are as detailed as this. Barring the previous one which is just out of this world thing. Anyways, this will surely help you be the star at a wedding.

10- Stylish Mehndi Design

Stylish Feet Mehndi Design

Last but not least on this list of best feet mehndi designs is the stylish feet mehndi design that has been ruling over the hearts of women this year. It is claimed that this design first originated in Arab countries and later spread to different parts of the world. Currently, it’s a favourite among the ladies of India for all the right reasons.

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