Top 10 Hot Web Series List in November 2023

Hot web series list for November 2023


The most recent hot web series to watch online on OTT platforms are full of thrills, drama, romance, seduction, and suspense. These sexy web series are growing in popularity, and there is a high demand for hot web series. In 2023, OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, and others will release an increasing number of hot and sensual web series.

Top 10 Hot Web Series List in November 2023

1- Fake Profile

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Camila’s encounter with her Prince Charming develops through a dating app in the enthralling steamy hot web series. Following a picture-perfect romance, her goal to surprise him takes an unexpected turn, trapping her in a paradisiacal trap.

2- Lady Voyeur

Miranda, a skilled hacker with an insatiable voyeuristic streak, is the subject of the enthralling new web series. Her fate takes an unexpected turn when she meets the man who satisfies her heart’s wishes. This hot web series is available on Netflix.

3- Too Hot to Handle

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A group of driven people set out on a journey to a gorgeous location with the purpose of meeting, creating lasting relationships, and avoiding sexual intimacy, all in the hopes of winning a $100,000 grand prize.

4- Fishbowl Wives

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Six dissatisfied married ladies venture into the arena of infidelity within an upmarket apartment complex. This sizzling hot online series digs into their sexual entanglements in a seductive setting. Netflix has it available for streaming.

5- Somebody

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A software developer and her friends become entangled in a dangerous spiral of murder and criminal activity linked to the dating app she created in a scintillating hot web series. A shadowy figure looms nearby as they navigate this perilous situation, adding suspense and intrigue to this captivating story. Netflix has the series available.

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6- The Five Juanas

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In an enticing hot web series, five women with identical birthmarks embark on a journey to discover their origins. As they dig deeper, they discover a heartbreaking tapestry of deception orchestrated by a formidable politician. This riveting story weaves mystery into a scorching hot web series. It’s available on Netflix.

7- Dark Desire

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In an enticing hot web series, a married woman goes on a life-changing weekend escapade that sparks intense desire but ends tragically. This fateful encounter prompts her to question the sincerity of those she loves, resulting in a riveting story that keeps viewers hooked. It’s available on Netflix.

8- Fatal Seduction

A married woman embarks on a risky weekend getaway that ignites passion, only to end in a heartbreaking outcome in a sizzling hot web series. This harrowing experience causes her to doubt the honesty of those in her inner circle, resulting in a riveting story that is as fiery as it is intriguing. It’s available on Netflix.

9- Normal People

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Following Marianne and Connell, who come from different backgrounds but share a small Irish town, as their romantic journeys intersect and they navigate the journey of maturation. This hot web is available on Amazon Prime Video.

10- The Affair

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Alison, a mourning waitress, begins a forbidden romance with Noah, a successful educator and aspiring writer, in a steamy hot web series. The fallout from their affair begins to shake the foundations of their individual marriages, triggering a chain of dramatic consequences. The Affair is available on JioCinema.


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