Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas That You Must Watch


In recent years, Korean dramas, also known as K-Dramas, have taken the world by storm with their compelling storylines, relatable characters, and unique cultural elements. Nowadays people enjoy watching Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas. India, with its diverse population and vibrant entertainment industry, has not been immune to this global K-Drama wave.

Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas That You Must Watch

As a result, the trend of Hindi-dubbed Korean dramas has emerged, bridging the gap between two culturally rich nations and offering Indian audiences a delightful fusion of Korean storytelling with the familiarity of their native language. Read the article below to know the best Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas That You Must Watch.

Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas That You Must Watch

1. Boys Over Flowers

This romance drama, commonly referred to as “Boys Before Flowers,” is a contemporary retelling of the Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango.” The plot is about Geum Jan-di, a high school student from a low-income family who is awarded a scholarship to attend Shinhwa High School, an exclusive institution (Koi Mil Gaya in the Hindi dub version).

2.  The Heirs (2023)

The lives of wealthy high school students attending the exclusive Jeguk High School are the focus of the well-liked and well-known K-Drama The Heirs. Cha Eun Sang, a diligent young woman from a lowly background who enters this world of riches and glitz, is the focus of the narrative. She runs across Kim Tan, the Jeguk Group heir, and a complicated love story starts to take shape.

3. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing on You is one of the Korean dramas with Hindi dubbing that are accessible on Netflix. A wealthy South Korean businesswoman and chaebol heiress is the main character of the tale. She falls while paragliding in Seoul, South Korea, and ends up in the North Korean sector of the demilitarized zone (DMZ), where she meets a Korean People’s Army army commander who decides to help her escape. Among all South Korean TV dramas ever broadcast on cable, it comes in third place.

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4. Playful Kiss

A delightful romantic comedy based on the manga “Itazura na Kiss,” “Playful Kiss” follows Oh Ha-ni (Pyaar Ka Izhaar in the Hindi dub), a vivacious and slightly clumsy high school student who falls madly in love with Baek Seung-jo (Izhaar Khan in the Hindi dub), a brilliant and aloof classmate.

5. Business Proposal (2023)

It is a sweet romantic comedy that centres on a young woman named Kim So Hyun and her aspirations to become a prosperous entrepreneur. She meets Han Ji Hoon, a successful CEO who suggests a fictitious marriage to preserve his family’s business. Unexpected sentiments begin to arise as they negotiate their complex arrangement, and they find themselves caught in a web of love, ambition, and personal development. It is one of the best Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas.

6. Hellbound

Hellbound, a South Korean dark fantasy streaming television series that is based on his own webtoon of the same name, is directed by Yeon Sang-ho. A Netflix original series is about the enigmatic creatures that appear out of nowhere to damn mankind to Hell.

7. You’re Beautiful

The heartwarming romantic comedy “You’re Beautiful” centres on Go Mi-Nam, a gifted young woman who impersonates her twin brother in order to join the well-known boy band A.N.JELL. Mi-nam takes advantage of her brother’s temporary departure from the band due to unanticipated circumstances in order to pursue her ambition of becoming a singer.

8. Doctor Stranger

The protagonist of this medical drama is Park Hoon, a gifted physician who gets separated from Song Jae-hee during their flight from North Korea. He finally settles in South Korea where he begins a new life as a physician at a renowned hospital.

9. The King: Eternal Monarch

A modern-day ruler from another planet is the subject of this Netflix Korean drama with Hindi dubbing. In the narrative, the man reaches a parallel universe by going through the magical door. In the new dimension, he meets a fierce cop, and the two embark on an exhilarating love adventure to close the portal that the demons have opened. It is one of the best Hindi Dubbed Korean Dramas.

10. City Hunter (Janbaaz):

Based on the same-named manga, “City Hunter” is an action-packed television series. Lee Yoon-sung, a highly competent vigilante who seeks vengeance for the murder of his father—a crime that was planned by influential government figures—centres the narrative.


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