The Atypical Family Review: A Mix of Romance, Intrigue & Healing Moments

The Atypical Family Review


Bok Gwi Joo and his family were born with special supernatural skills. Bok Gwi Joo can travel back in time, but only to happy times in his past. Unable to change history, he finds solace in revisiting those happy moments. However, despair hits, forcing him to lose his exceptional abilities. His family members are also dealing with their own troubles, such as sleeplessness, bulimia, and smartphone addiction, which are causing their magical skills to fade over time.

Enter Do Da He, who becomes suddenly involved with Bok Gwi Joo and his family. As she begins to live with them, a transformative adventure unfolds—one that crosses time, heals emotional wounds, and tests the limits of reality.


The Atypical Family is a pleasant change from the typical K-drama fare. Rather of focused simply on romance or action, it explores the intricacies of human emotions and relationships. Here’s what makes it worth watching.

The idea of supernatural abilities linked to emotions gives dimension to the plot. Bok Gwi Joo’s time-traveling ability, which is confined to good situations, sets the stage for an original examination of nostalgia and healing.

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The characters are imperfect, realistic, and masterfully depicted. Jang Ki Yong as Bok Gwi Joo gives a subtle portrayal that captures the weight of lost ability and inner turmoil. Chun Woo Hee’s portrayal of Do Da He is endearing and intriguing.

The drama does not shy away from discussing mental health concerns. Depression, insomnia, and addiction are interwoven throughout the story, underlining the value of empathy and understanding.

The cinematography depicts both the commonplace and the supernatural. Scenes from various time periods induce nostalgia, while modern-day challenges keep the drama grounded in reality.

The show delves at family bonds beyond genetic ties. As the characters confront their vulnerabilities, they come to rely on one another for assistance.

The Atypical Family is not your typical fantasy drama; rather, it is a sincere exploration of human emotions packaged in a magical wrapper. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, its mix of intrigue, romance, and healing moments makes it well worth seeing.

The Atypical Family
The Atypical Family Review: A Mix of Romance, Intrigue & Healing Moments

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