Sugar Factory Kannada Movie Review: A Sweet Blend of Pretense and Romance

Sugar Factory Kannada Movie Review: Sugar Factory explores the nuances of relationships, even when built on a foundation of pretense.


Directed by Deepak Aras and penned by both Deepak Aras and Chethan Kumar, Sugar Factory unfolds as a charming Kannada film that revolves around the delightful tale of Arva and Adithi, portrayed by Darling Krishna and Sonal Monteiro, respectively.

The film kicks off with an interesting premise—an unexpected meeting in a pub leading to a pretend love relationship. As Arva and Adithi weave a fictional romance to meet a challenge set among friends, the narrative takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.


Darling Krishna embodies the character of Arva with charisma, bringing both humor and authenticity to the role. Sonal Monteiro, as Adithi, complements the chemistry, creating a convincing portrayal of a couple caught up in a web of pretense.

Deepak Aras’s direction infuses the film with a vibrant energy, capturing the essence of the youthful and dynamic narrative. The pacing keeps the audience engaged, and the screenplay strikes a balance between light-hearted moments and deeper emotional beats.

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The collaborative writing effort between Deepak Aras and Chethan Kumar shines through, crafting a narrative that goes beyond the surface of a mere challenge. Sugar Factory explores the nuances of relationships, even when built on a foundation of pretense. The dialogues are witty, adding a layer of humor that resonates well with the film’s theme.

While the film may tread familiar ground in the romantic comedy genre, it stands out for its execution, performances, and the underlying message about the unpredictability of love. Sugar Factory serves up a delightful concoction of romance, humor, and self-discovery, making it a recommended watch for those seeking an entertaining Kannada film with heart.


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