Shehar Lakhot Web Series Review: Priyanshu Painyuli, Kubbra Sait, Shruthy Menon Starrer is a Character Driven Crime Thriller

Shehar Lakhot Web Series Review


“Shehar Lakhot” unfolds as a gripping neo-noir saga, weaving a tale of redemption, deceit, and survival against the haunting backdrop of a small town’s murky underbelly. Priyanshu Painyuli, in the lead role of Devendra Singh Tomar (Dev), brings a convincing depth to his character, a man burdened by a mysterious past that pulls him back to his hometown, Lakhot.


As the narrative unravels, Dev becomes unwittingly ensnared in a deadly game of survival within Lakhot, a town fraught with hidden agendas and vested interests. The series, co-written by Singh and Devika Bhagat, introduces a plethora of multi-layered characters, each harboring a dark past that contributes to the complexity of the overarching plot. The strained family dynamics within the Tomar family, managed by elder son Jayendra Singh Tomar (Kashyap Sanghari), provide an additional layer of intrigue, especially considering Dev’s abandonment years ago.

Chandan Roy Sanyal delivers a riveting performance as the ruthless Kairav Singh, whose quest for dominance in the marble mining town adds further depth and complexity to the narrative. The series masterfully explores the intertwined destinies of its characters, transcending the typical conventions of an edge-of-the-seat crime thriller. Instead, “Shehar Lakhot” emerges as a nuanced exploration of its characters and the demons they grapple with.

The subplots, such as the investigation led by Sub Inspector Pallavi Raj (Kubbra Sait) and Vikas Kachdaar’s (Chandan Roy) fight for justice, contribute to the narrative’s depth. However, at times, these subplots divert from the main story, momentarily slowing down the screenplay. The deliberate pace set at the beginning gradually gains momentum by the fifth episode, with intriguing twists and turns keeping the audience engaged.

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While the series successfully delivers a satisfying resolution with a Bollywood-style ending, the one-hour runtime of each episode might test the patience of binge-watchers. Trimming the episodes for a more concise and immersive experience could have enhanced the overall impact of the series. Nonetheless, the narrative crescendos towards a climax that ties up loose ends, providing closure to the intricate web of deception and illusion woven throughout the storyline.

Priyanshu Painyuli’s portrayal of Dev is a standout, capturing the essence of a brooding protagonist seeking redemption. The chemistry between Painyuli and Shruthy Menon, who convincingly portrays Sandhya, Dev’s former girlfriend with a controversial past, adds emotional depth to the narrative. The ensemble cast, including Kashyap Sanghari and Chandan Roy Sanyal, delivers commendable performances, breathing life into their respective characters.

In conclusion, “Shehar Lakhot” transcends the boundaries of a typical crime thriller, offering a layered exploration of characters and their interconnected destinies. The series successfully blends elements of mystery, drama, and redemption, creating a narrative tapestry that captivates viewers. While the deliberate pacing and occasional diversion into subplots may test the patience of some, the series ultimately delivers a satisfying and well-crafted conclusion, cementing its place as a noteworthy addition to the crime drama genre.

Shehar Lakhot Web Series Review
Shehar Lakhot Web Series Review: Priyanshu Painyuli, Kubbra Sait, Shruthy Menon Starrer is a Character Driven Crime Thriller
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