Sasivadane Movie Review: A Story of Innocence, Love & Grief

Sasivadane Movie Review

Sasivadane Movie Review
Sasivadane Movie Review: A Story of Innocence, Love & Grief

Date Created: 2024-04-19 08:20

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Sasivadane tells a timeless story of innocence, love, and grief. Directed by Sai Mohan Ubbana, this Telugu love drama introduces us to the adorable couple of Sasi and Raghava, played by Komalee Prasad and Rakshit Atluri.


The rich splendour of Konaseema serves as the film’s canvas, reflecting our characters’ emotional highs and lows. As the tale progresses, we see the delicate dance of love—tender beginnings, passionate feelings, and unavoidable heartbreaks.

Komalee Prasad’s portrayal of her character is refreshingly vulnerable, capturing the sense of innocence and desire. Her relationship with Rakshit Atluri is apparent, and their scenes together resound with sincerity. The film’s soundtrack deepens their feelings, creating nostalgia and sorrow.

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Sasivadane is not afraid to explore the complexity of relationships. It dives into the bittersweet anguish of unrequited love, the sorrow that lasts long after a melody’s final note goes away. Sai Mohan Ubbana wrote the screenplay, which achieves a mix between poetic poetry and real vulnerability.

While the film’s rhythm is occasionally off, it makes up for it with soul-stirring moments. The cinematography captures the bright shades of Konaseema, making it an important character in the story. The supporting cast, which includes Sriman, Praveen Yandamuri, and Mahesh Jabardasth Bobby, add to the film’s emotional depth.

Sasivadane serves as a gentle reminder that love does not always end happily ever after. Sometimes it’s about the aching of a melody, the warmth of shared eyes, or the silent acceptance of heartbreak.


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