Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Season 2 Release Date on ZEE5, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More

Everything about Season 2 of Sarvam Shakthi Mayam


Sarvam Shakthi Mayam is a Hindi language web series starring Priya Mani, Sanjay Suri, Samir Soni, Ashlesha Thakur, Subbaraju and Abhay Simha Reddy streaming on the digital streaming platform ZEE5. The first season of the show aired for free on ZEE5 on 9th June 2023 and now the fans of the show are wondering whether Sarvam Shakthi Mayam will get a Season 2. Here we have covered everything you need to know about a potential second season for the web series.

Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Season 2 Release Date on ZEE5

Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Season 2 is expected to release on ZEE5 in 2024 if the web series gets renewed. However, there are high chances of Sarvam Shakthi Mayam getting cancelled after just the first season. The show has received mixed reviews and had none to slim promotion which showcases that ZEE5 has no interest in continuing it for another season.

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Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Cast

  • Priya Mani
  • Sanjay Suri
  • Samir Soni
  • Ashlesha Thakur
  • Subbaraju
  • Abhay Simhareddy
  • Kushita Kallapu

Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Plot

Sarvam Shakthi Mayam tells the story of Madhav Suri, an atheist writer, and a dysfunctional family as they embark on a pilgrimage to visit the 18 Maha Shakthi Peeths, sacred locations established by Lord Shiva.

Madhav, played by Sanjay Suri, is a middle-aged man who once had high aspirations but now faces challenges and disappointment in his pursuit of success.

Despite being married to his love interest Priya, portrayed by Priya Mani, Madhav constantly faces criticism from his Father-in-Law due to his failed ventures. However, their journey takes an unexpected twist, leading to unforeseen events and experiences.

Sarvam Shakthi Mayam Trailer


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