Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Is Ready to Get Launched on April 16: Keeping Track of Your Items Have Become Easy Now

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Is Ready to Get Launched on April 16: Keeping Track of Your Items Have Become Easy Now

It’s time for Tech enthusiasts to gear up and be ready as Samsung Electronics finally made an announcement for the launch of Galaxy SmartTag+ and will officially be available on April 16 for sale. This new smart electronic equipment can pinpoint the location of your personal devices with greater accuracy. It is equipped with both ultra-wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. And the best part is that it uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to accurately guide you towards the lost or missing item by using your smartphone’s camera.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ can be attached to everyday items like a backpack or a keychain, so it makes it easy to locate them through the SmartThings Find service on your Galaxy device. Once the item is away and you don’t know its whereabouts, simply use this device to get it back with accurate direction and guidance.


Specifications of Galaxy SmartTag+

As this device is both BLE- and UWB-enabled, you can now use AR technology to find your missing or lost item in no time. The AR Finder made the search very easy in that it accurately guides you with an easy-to-follow interface on your UWB-equipped smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra.

The technology helps you in analyzing how far you are from the SmartTag+ and where you can find it by guiding you through a path. Once to reach near to it, you have an option to choose to have it produce a loud noise so that it will easier to find it even if gets sunken inside a sofa or bed.

UWB turned out to be a good game changer as it made it easy to locate your missing or lost device by making it possible to lock onto the position of an object with accuracy and greater precision. That is why the company has decided to expand this technology throughout the Galaxy series so that the life of people becomes easy and more convenient.

This new technology also allows you to tag your items and easily locate them on a map, no matter how far you are or if it gets misplaced somewhere. This is happening all because of the availability of the BLE connectivity system and the power of the Galaxy device network. The SmartThings app gives you an option to help others in finding their lost tags by enabling your Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Once you report a missing tag, any nearby Galaxy device from which the issue has been reported will automatically alert the SmartThings server about its location and you will receive a notification. You do not have to worry about the data because it’s safe and encrypted, so the tag’s location isn’t revealed to anyone except you.

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Other than locating a missing or lost item, Galaxy SmartTag+ or SmartTag is more helpful than this. Suppose you forgot to switch off your room lights but you have already left the house, then how can this technology comes into play or help you? The answer is really simple, rather than running back, you can use this device to turn off the lights remotely.

This is going to be a jaw-opening technology that will surely hit the tech market. Although, it is a much-needed device that has a lot of advantages that will be handy in most cases. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ will be available from April 16, so be ready to be the first buyer of this magnificent technology.

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