Ranveer Singh showcased his love for Deepika Padukone in his latest Instagram post.


Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are happily married “made for each other” couples. In his most recent post, Ranveer was chilling with his sweet wife and vibing to the song Beqaaboo from Deepika’s latest film, Gehraiyaan. Ranveer Singh Captioned in his video on Instagram “All the cool kids are doing it! @deepikapadukone #beqaaboo #gehraiyaan”


Deepika Reacted to Ranveer’s post with the delightful Comment “My Biggest Cheerleader! I Love You!❤️”. She is also expressing her love and concern to Ranveer on Social Media. Additionally, Diana Penty reacted with the emoji’s hands raised in celebration in the comment section.


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Fans also Showcased their love to the couples. By Commenting Love emoji in the comment section of the post. Other comments like ”We always love to see you both together and happy like this @deepikapadukone @ranveersingh” “NAZAR NA LAGE ????????????????????” and one Fan wrote  “Haayyyeeee Supportive husband,”

Ranveer Singh Instagram post expressing his undying love for Deepika Padukone:

Ranveer Singh is intensely kissing Deepika Padukone in this post and also he is appreciating Deepika’s hard work and mind-blowing performance in the movie Gehraiyaan.


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Ranveer Singh captioned on his latest Instagram Post “ ???? Doobey…haan doobey… Ek dooje mein yahaan… ♥️ ♾ ???? Tour de force ???? Transcendent, superlative and sublime! What an absolute masterclass of a performance, baby! Such fine, nuanced and heartfelt artistry! … at your consummate and peerless best in this one! You make me so proud! ???????????? @deepikapadukone #gehraiyaan”

A lot of Comments by fans express their unconditional love to Deepika and Ranveer.

Gehraiyaan Promotion:


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Ranveer congratulated Deepika on a happy birthday last month with a photo from their honeymoon and a Gehraiyaan connection. He captioned a photo of her splashing in the ocean, “My baby promoting #gehraiyaan on her birthday!” He made a huge/big play on the words and phrases. ‘Gehraiyaan,’ which implies intensity and is also the title of her upcoming movie.

Moreover, Gehraiyaan is a movie directed by Shakun Batra and starring Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa, is an investigation of the complexity of western relationships. However, the storyline follows Alisha (Deepika), who is bored with her love with Karan (Dhairya) and initiates a romance with Zain (Siddhant), her relative Tia’s (Ananya) fiancé.

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