Prasanna Vadanam Telugu Movie Review: An Intriguing Thriller

Prasanna Vadanam Review

Prasanna Vadanam
Prasanna Vadanam Telugu Movie Review: An Intriguing Thriller

Date Created: 2024-05-03 05:07

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Arjun YK’s Prasanna Vadanam is an interesting journey through a labyrinth of psychological secrets and criminal plots. This content-driven picture stands out for its unusual premise and fascinating storyline, providing something different than the usual popular fare.


Surya (Suhas) is a radio jockey (RJ) who has prosopagnosia, which causes him to be unable to distinguish faces. But there’s a twist: he also suffers from phonagnosia, which impairs his ability to distinguish voices. Consider a society in which everyone is a stranger, and trust is a deadly game. When Surya becomes involved in a criminal scheme, his limitations are put to the test. Friend or foe? The fuzzy edges leave us guessing.

Suhas gives a terrific performance, conveying Surya’s sensitivity and drive. His battle to live in a world fraught with falsehood is obvious. Rashi Singh excels as the no-nonsense police officer. Her quest of the truth gives complexity to the story. Payal Radhakrishna’s performance as Aadhya, a major character, gives emotional depth to the picture. The ensemble cast complements one another, forming a web of relationships that keeps us involved.

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The film explores the challenges of facial blindness and voice recognition. It smoothly incorporates these components into the plot, keeping the audience guessing until the end. Throughout the suspense, we see human connections—trust, betrayal, and redemption. The emotional stakes are huge. Vijay Bulganin’s music soundtrack adds to the tension, and S Chandrasekhar’s photography captures the spooky atmosphere.

Prasanna Vadanam’s study on prosopagnosia and phonagnosia distinguishes it. It’s great to see Telugu movies explore new area. Despite minor pacing concerns in the second half, the picture holds our attention. The dramatic scenes and surprise twists make it worth seeing. In summary, Prasanna Vadanam is a survival thriller that questions our assumptions and leaves us wondering about the complexities of the mind. If you’re searching for a break from the norm, this one is worth your time.


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