Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 4


‘Oppenheimer,’ a highly anticipated film, finally made its way to theaters on July 21, 2023. The Christopher Nolan-directed movie went head-to-head with Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ at the box office. Despite the clash, ‘Oppenheimer’ managed to surpass ‘Barbie’ in terms of box office collections in India. On its opening day, the film garnered Rs 14.50 crore. Now, let’s discover how much it earned on its fourth day of release.

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 4

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 4

Oppenheimer reportedly earned around Rs 18 Crores at the box office on day 4 of its release. The film is miles ahead of Barbie when it comes to the Indian box office. However, the overall box office collection of Oppenheimer is US $75 million lesser than Barbie in the USA. Barbie has earned US $155 million in the USA so far while Oppenheimer has managed to earn US $80 million.


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Oppenheimer is estimated to earn around Rs 17 Crores at the box office on day 3. Christopher Nolan’s film is showing impressive growth at the Indian box office and the shows for the film in IMAX theatres are completely full. Oppenheimer has left the Barbie in dust in India at the box office.

The Hollywood film earned a whopping Rs 17 crore on day 2 at the box office in India. Since the movie has already witnessed a jump, it is expected to grow and earn more in the coming days.


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