Music Shop Murthy Movie Review: Harmonious Dreams and Unyielding Ambitions


Music Shop Murthy, directed by Siva Paladugu, strikes a chord with its heartfelt narrative. Set in the bustling lanes of Proddatur, this Telugu comedy-drama revolves around Murthy, a music enthusiast caught between tradition and modernity.

Plot: Murthy (played by Ajay Ghosh) runs a quaint music shop inherited from his family. His passion for melodies is unwavering, but financial struggles threaten to silence the music forever. When faced with closure, Murthy embarks on an unexpected journey—learning DJing to keep his dreams alive.



  • Ajay Ghosh: His portrayal of Murthy is sincere, capturing the character’s love for music and determination.
  • Chandini Chowdary: As Murthy’s confidante, she adds warmth and depth to the story.
  • Aamani: The veteran actress shines as Murthy’s supportive family member.
  • Amit Sharma: His DJ mentor role brings a contemporary twist to the tale.

Emotional Resonance: The film tugs at heartstrings, exploring themes of passion, sacrifice, and the clash between tradition and ambition. Murthy’s struggle to harmonize his love for music with practical realities resonates with viewers.

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Visuals and Music: Siva Paladugu’s direction captures the essence of Proddatur—the dusty streets, the nostalgic music store, and the vibrant DJ scenes. The soundtrack, though not groundbreaking, complements the emotional beats.

Verdict: Music Shop Murthy is a gentle ode to dreams and resilience. While it occasionally hits flat notes, its sincerity and relatability make it worth a watch. Prepare to hum along and root for Murthy’s symphony of life.


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