Madgaon Express Review: A Whacky Comedy

Madgaon Express Review

Madgaon Express Review
Madgaon Express Review: A Whacky Comedy

Date Created: 2024-03-22 08:53

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Madgaon Express, Kunal Kemmu’s directorial debut, is a hilarious and eccentric rollercoaster. Let’s get straight into this ridiculous movie.

  1. Unconventional Genre: Madgaon Express defies categorization. It’s not your typical comedy or drama. Instead, it’s a wild blend of chaos, oddball characters, and unapologetic quirkiness.
  2. Offbeat Characters: Meet Ayush, Pratik (aka Pinku), and Dhanush (aka Dodo). Childhood friends with dreams of a Goa trip, their lives take unexpected turns. Ayush is sensible, Pinku is a hypochondriac, and Dodo delivers pizzas in Mumbai.
  3. Goa Adventure: Reconnecting on social media, they plan a reunion trip to Goa. Little do they know that this adventure will turn their lives upside down. Drug lords, crime, and smuggling add spice to their escapade.
Madgaon Express Review: A Whacky Comedy

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  1. Method to the Madness: Kunal Kemmu weaves chaos into a methodical narrative. The film’s unpredictability keeps you laughing. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle of absurdity, and each piece fits perfectly.
  2. Goa’s Not-So-Glamorous Side: Forget pristine beaches; Madgaon Express dives into Goa’s gritty underbelly. It’s Goa beyond the tourist brochures—a place where oddballs collide and hilarity ensues.

In summary, buckle up for a ride like no other. Madgaon Express celebrates friendship, flaws, and the joy of laughing at life’s craziness.


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