Top Luxurious Properties That Will Also Be In Your Budget


Who doesn’t love a break from their daily life, right? But, in doing so, you need to keep a lot of things in mind, especially your budget. 

It doesn’t matter where you are going, you always want to stay in a really good place, isn’t it? And these are some of the best affordable luxury hotels in India. 

Luxury Hotel In India
Luxury Hotel In India

List of Affordable Luxury Hotels In India

But don’t worry, there are many places in India where you can stay in some of the poshest rooms. And these hotels are within a pocket-friendly budget. 

So, here is a list of ten affordable luxury hotels in India.


This luxury hotel is in Jaisalmer. So, if you are visiting Rajasthan, you should definitely visit Suryagarh.

An interesting fact about this hotel is that although it is a modern hotel, it showcases the architecture of the 12th century in Rajasthan. If you see the detailing done in this place, you will surely be amazed. 

Also, you will see that the services there are of really good quality. Moreover, the rooms there start at $138 per night. 


Now, for people who wants to visit a place near Delhi, Scarlette is one of your best options. 

Here you will get to see a mixture of French and Rajasthani decor. You will enjoy the French countryside. And, this will be a perfect escape if you want a vacation from your hectic city life. 

Scarlett is a two-story hotel that gives you a very homey vibe. You’ll get to see homemade cooking style as well. Moreover, the starting price at Scarlett is just $114 per night. 

Samode Palace

If you want to experience a royal stay, Samode Palace is the place for you. Samode Palace is located near Jaipur, in Rajasthan. 

This Palace has a really unique and beautiful atmosphere. Furthermore, this palace is known for holding popular destination weddings. 

The palace also offers many activities to all its visitors. These include cooking classes, ballooning, camel and horse riding and many more. So, rest assured that you will never get bored here. 

The room charges at this palace are also very affordable, starting at $151 per night. 

Butts Clermont Houseboats

Vacationing in a houseboat is a dream for everyone. And one of the best places for living in a houseboat is in dal Lake in Kashmir. 

Here, the Butt and Clermont families have been running the houseboat business since 1947. Moreover, they have also had very important guests like Lord Mountbatten, George Harrison and many more. 

Furthermore, their rates start at $76 and are really popular throughout. 

Siolim House 

A very unique feature of Siolim House is that it is designed in Portuguese style. And, the governor of Macau owns these houses.

Although these houses are historic representations, they are filled with cultural representation, warmth and charm. It is the perfect place to stay if you ever visit Goa. 

You will find many local patisseries near Siolim house, which are also owned by partners of the governor of Macau. 

However, they only charge $80 per night. 

The Manor

One of the most affordable luxury hotels in New Delhi is The Manor. Not only this but it is also known as one of the best restaurants in the capital city. 

If you ever decide to visit The Manor you will be surprised to see the services and decorations here. Despite not being a 5-star hotel, this hotel does not lack anywhere. 

Additionally, the room here charge only $101 per night, this includes breakfast and all the taxes. So, you should definitely add this place to your list. 

Fateh Garh

Fateh Garah is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan. You will feel like a royal once you enter the premises. So what better place to get treated like a royal than Rajasthan?

One of the greatest assets that this hotel has is its staff, who are really competent and skilled in what they do. 

This is located at a 20-minute distance from Udaipur. So, if you are looking for a royal place in the outskirts of Udaipur, think no more. 

Seetalvan Orchard 

Seetalvan view is one of those views that stops you dead in your tracks. So, how can you not visit this place, right? 

Seetalvan Orchard Hotel and Restaurant is one of the best hotels in Himachal Pradesh. You will see that this hotel is located in a really good place. 

If you are wondering why? When you will open the windows of your rooms here, the view will be breathtaking. 

Apart from this, the rooms start at $79 per night. Moreover, this includes breakfast and dinner.

Marari Beach Resort

Marai Beach Resort is located in Kerela. And a very interesting fact is that this hotel is located near Marari Beach. 

Here, you can enjoy the white beach whenever you want. Not only this, but you can also get ayurvedic massages, or even try a cooking class. 

And, the rooms here start at $113 per night which is a really pocket-friendly budget. 

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Yab Yum

Goa is one of the best tourist destinations in India. You all must have made plans to go on a trip to Goa with your friends at least once in your lifetime, right? 

On the other hand, finding a hotel that is luxurious yet affordable is difficult. 

So, you can definitely try the Yab Yum resort in Goa. The room starts at $63 per night only, and this includes breakfast. 

Yab Yum has a very eco-friendly atmosphere. 

Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are many other luxurious yet affordable places all over India. Moreover, these places will give you one of the best experiences that too within your budget. 


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