Everything you need to Know about Anupam Mittal and his Startups Investment


Anupam Mittal is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, business angel, and former actor from India. Mittal is best known for founding the matrimony website Shaadi.com, the real-estate portal Makaan.com, the video clip app Mauj, and the media business Mobango.

Mittal is one of India’s pioneer techpreneurs, having started enterprises before the web bubble. He has also developed Bollywood films such as Flavors and 99 through his parent firm, People Group. Mittal rose to prominence after appearing as one of the sharks in the true television program Shark Tank India. Mittal spent 5.338 crores in 24 firms in the first session of Shark Tank India.

Early Life:

Anupam Mittal is a prominent Indian businessman who was born on December 23, 1971, in Mumbai, India, to Gopal Mittal and Bhagwati Mittal. Whereas, He earned an MBA in Operating and Strategic Management from Boston College in the USA States.

Anupam Mittal Early Life


Anupam Mittal’s shaadi.com is India’s largest marriage site and one of the most famous sites on the web today. Shaadi.com has over 30 million subscribers and 3.2 million success stories. Shaadi.com has positioned itself as the most reputable online dating service. Additionally, Shaadi.com is the internet’s first website portal of its sort.

Similarly, Makaan.com is its most popular platform, which is continuously growing and is about internet real estate, and its brief clip App is the most popular in India. Moreover, Anupam is also an active investor, having invested in over 40 enterprises and startups to date.

He rose to prominence as an angel investor while serving as a shark judge on the show Shark Tank India, investing in 33 companies.

Here is a list of 24 Companies to which Anupam Mittal Contributed as an investor


  1. Investment in OLA

The startup, which was formed in 2010, provides an online ride-sharing network. It links passengers and drivers throughout India. Ola provides a variety of cars to ensure a seamless transport system. Anupam contributed 1 crore INR and owns a 2% share in the business.


  1. Reevoy

The company, founded in the year 2020, is a creator of an invoice financing system. It enables Indian SME shippers to obtain working capital financing without the use of collateral. It offers rapid payouts, insurance services, zero collateral, and speeds up and simplifies the process. Anupam and 7 other investors contributed $4 million to the company’s seed phase.


  1. Skippi ice pops

It is a corporation that makes ice popsicles that were formed in the year 2020. The company does not use any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in its goods. In fact, The ice popsicles come in a variety of flavors that are delicious, natural, and nutritious. Anupam invested 20 lakh INR in the firm at a 3 percent ownership stake.


  1. CosIQ

It is a skincare company that was established in the year 2020. Its goods are clinically evaluated and have a natural base. Customers, according to the company, will see visible effects. The companies provide products that have been scientifically proven. Anupam contributed 25 lakh INR in exchange for 12.5 percent of the company’s stock.


  1. Lysto

It is a provider of APIs, tools, and infrastructure for the development and delivery of NFTs. Lysto was established in the year 2021. It facilitates the distribution of NFTs across e-commerce, leisure, gaming, and other sectors with a few mouse clicks. Anupam and other investors contributed an unknown sum to the company’s seed phase.

  1. NxtWave

The company was formed in the year 2020 and operates an educational platform. It provides high school graduates with industry-related credentials. This assists people in preparing for the professional field regardless of academic background. Its goal is to close the distance between academics and industry-relevant abilities. Anupam Mittal and others contributed an undisclosed sum to the company’s investment.

  1. BizzTM

It is an e-commerce platform that was launched in 2020. It intends to provide curated product catalogs to small-town retailers. The company serves as a direct link between producers and sellers. This allows the sellers to buy and sell a wide range of things without holding any inventory. Anupam, 2 am VC, and 11 other investors contributed INR 9 crore to the company’s seed phase.


  1. BharatX

It is a credit fintech firm that was created in 2020. By offering credit as a feature, the company’s software enables customers to purchase a wide range of products and services across the system. This enables companies to offer customers the option to buy now and pay later. Anupam and four other investors contributed 18.1 crore INR to the firm’s pre-seed phase.

Anupam Mittal Shark tank India

  1. ASQI Advisors

It is a 2019 investment technology firm that was formed. It highlights blockchain technology’s non-crypto currency elements. The firm advises investors on debts, equity, multi-asset, and other topics. It employs quantitative analysis, ai, and blockchain-based to do this. Anupam Mittal and 6 other investors contributed $1 million to the company’s seed phase.

  1. One Impression

It is a network for influencer marketing that was created in 2017. It enables brands to maximize the impact of content creator-led initiatives. The company employs tech, price algorithms, and great insights to help companies achieve the greatest results. Anupam and twenty-two other entrepreneurs contributed $1 million to the company’s seed phase.


  1. TradeX

It is a financial exchange system for trading on global events. TradeX was established in the year 2020. It enables people to make forecasts on various topics and be compensated based on the outcomes. This enables users to profit from their thoughts while avoiding dangers. Anupam and eight other investors contributed 7 crore INR to the company’s seed round finance.


  1. Revamp Moto

The company manufactures electric bikes built on the modern utility idea. It was established in the year 2020. These electric cars are networked, trustworthy, flexible, and designed to adapt. It is intended to address the issue of mass mobility.

The bikes are available in a variety of configurations, each with its own set of amenities such as a folding table, supply baskets, and so on. Anupam agreed to a deal for 50 lakh INR at 0.75 percent equity.


  1. Heart up my Sleeves

It is a fashion-forward accessories business founded in 2020. The company specializes in creating striking sleeves with detachable sleeves. Popular influences such as Komal Pandey, Riya Jain, and others have worn these sleeves. With its sleeves, the brand can transform an everyday ensemble. Anupam put up 12.5 lakh INR for 15% shares in the business.


  1. VivaLyf

It is a brand of glucometer that offers a pleasant experience for diabetic patients. Firm was established in the year 2021. To address society’s healthcare challenges, the company integrates science and technology. Its goal is to create technology-based solutions in health that will improve people’s quality of life. Anupam invested 28 lakh INR in the business for a 16.6 percent stake.

  1. Meatyour

The corporation, created in the year 2020, is in the business of producing odorless brown eggs. It entails the organic cultivation of hen eggs. Anupam provided finance of 10 lakh INR at 6.6 percent ownership for this odorless brown chicken egg packaging firm.


  1. Thinkerbell Labs

The company sells ‘Annie,’ the world’s first self-learning faraway Braille literacy technology. It was established in 2016. The devices assist visually challenged children in learning to read and type without the assistance of a professional. Anupam Mittal contributed 50 lakh INR to the business at a 1 percent equity stake.



It is a ground texture brand that was created in 2019. The business produces marble plaster powders and offers texture painting services. It has a scratch-resistant and completely waterproof material. Anupam invested 50 lakh INR in the company for a 15 percent stake.


  1. Loka

It is a ground texture brand that was created in 2019. The business produces marble plaster powders and offers texture painting services. It has a scratch-resistant and completely waterproof material. Anupam invested 50 lakh INR in the company for a 15 percent stake.

  1. CarraGreen

It is a brand of eco-friendly and disposable utensils that was founded in 2018. Plastic pollution is a significant problem in the world, and the firm’s goal is to reduce it. The company offers a green packaging solution to eliminate the use of polyester. Anupam invested 25 lakh INR in this eco-friendly company for a 10% stake.


  1. The Yarn Bazaar

The organization serves as a one-stop-shop for the whole yarn industry. It was established in 2016. The startup creates a smartphone application for trading and borrowing yarn. It is an online marketplace with trade, lending, and logistical capabilities. It serves as a link between yarn buyers and suppliers. Anupam invested 25 lakh INR in the firm for a 2.5 percent stake.

Mittal Investments


The company is in the business of franchising coconuts. It began in the year 2019. It sells a variety of coconut-derived products, including pure coconut water, virgin coconut oil, smoothies, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, and more. Its entire line of products is created from high-quality coconuts. Anupam invested 1.6 INR in the company for a 1.6 percent stake.

  1. InACAn

It was established in the year 2020 as India’s first ready-to-serve canned liquor brand. It creates low-calorie, elevated cocktails and cans them from their factories. The company provides well-known cocktail flavors. Customers may now enjoy their favorite cocktails in a can. Anupam invested 20 lakh INR in the firm in exchange for a 2% stake.


  1. Bamboo India

It is a bamboo-made eco-friendly brush brand that was created in 2016. With creative bamboo products, the business hopes to reduce plastic waste. The company currently sells bamboo-like combs, razors, straws, soap containers, speakers, and other items. Anupam Mittal provided money to the company in the amount of 25 lakh INR at 1.75 percent equity and 15 lakh INR in loan.


  1. Let’s Try Food

It is a snack company that sells snacks made entirely of groundnut oil. Firm was established in the year 2021. The company provides a wide range of nutritious and delicious food. They sell bhujia, makhanas, walnuts, flax seeds, and other items. Anupam invested 22.5 lakh INR in the firm in exchange for a 6% stake.


  1. Find your Kicks India

It’s a one-stop-shop for trading hyped sneakers and clothing. It began in the year 2020. The portal serves as a link between consumers and sellers of high-end products. It is a must-visit location for any sneakerhead. Anupam Mittal contributed 10 lakh INR in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.


  1. Sunfox Technologies

It is a med-tech business launched in 2016 that offers basic and cheap equipment. To create its goods, the company employs computer-aided engineering and artificial intelligence. It is a brand of ECG gadget. The device, dubbed ‘Spandan,’ is small and simple to operate. This allows anyone to monitor their ECG from any location. Anupam contributed 20 lakh INR at 1.2 percent equity to the business.


  1. The Quirky Naari

It is a fashion label that sells hand-painted and personalized items. It was established in 2018. The company specializes in unusual and fancy footwear. So, On its social media channels, the brand enjoys a large following and awareness. Anupam offered it a transaction of 17.5 lakh INR with a 12 percent equity stake.

  1. Hair Originals

It is India’s first luxury hair extensions brand, established in 2018. As a result, the company produces high-quality human hair extensions without the use of chemicals at a low cost, as well as provides free installation solutions. Customers can choose from a wide range of natural extensions manufactured from virgin Indian Remy hair. Anupam invested 20 lakh INR in the firm for a 1.3 percent stake.


  1. The Sass Bar

It is a premium artisan soap business that was created in 2018. The company specializes in dessert soaps that look just like the real thing. The company also creates personalized soaps and has a strong web presence. Anupam Mittal provided an investment of 25 lakh INR with 17.5 percent equity.


  1. PawsIndia

It is a pet-related online store that was created in 2016. The company provides a wide range of high-quality pet items and accessories. It sells engaging toys, tug-and-fetch toys, and other items that aid in the general development of dogs. Anupam invested 50 lakh INR in the company for a 15 percent stake.

Mittal as a Shark

  1. Watt Technovations

A Cov-tech ventilation system is available from the company. Company was established in the year 2020. Its goal is to create creative technologies that tackle difficulties in everyday living. At the moment, the company is concentrating on producing ventilation systems for PPE kits. Anupam invested 25.25 INR in the firm in exchange for a 1% stake.

  1. Tweek Labs

It is a motion analysis sportswear company that was created in 2019. The company’s goal is to provide sports organizations with high-performance sports infrastructure and information. The brand’s product assists athletes in analyzing their posture. Anupam contributed 20 lakh INR at 3.3 percent equity to the company.


  1. Jain Shikanji

Jain Shikanji is a classic shikanji brand that was launched in 1937. Since their inception, the Jain family has taken care of their heritage by supplying the highest quality. Jain Shikanji’s distinctive spice is their unique ingredient that distinguishes the brand from others. Anupam invested 10 lakhs in the company in exchange for a 5% stake.

Final Verdict:

Anupam Mittal began his business experience at an early age. With his enterprises, he is a great example of bringing about change in folks’ lives and the planet. In Shark Tank India, he drew a huge amount of attention for his calm demeanor and excellent guidance to fledgling entrepreneurs. InaCan, Jain Shikanji, Hair Originals, and other firms piqued Anupam’s interest for funding.

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