Know How to Chat with Yourself on WhatsApp: Make Notes, Create A List, Save Important Links, And Much More

If someone asks which is the most popular chat app in India, then the answer would be WhatsApp. Even though people started boycotting it after the company released a new privacy policy that wasn’t much appreciated by the users and switching to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram, still WhatsApp is the most preferable for many people.


Know How to Chat with Yourself on WhatsApp: Make Notes, Create A List, Save Important Links

There are times when a person needs to make notes or make a list of items. There are separate apps for that but some people are so addicted to messaging apps that they want this feature in this app. This problem can be solved by sending messages to oneself in Signal, as it comes with this feature. Unlike Signal, WhatsApp doesn’t provide such a feature to send chat to yourself that somewhere makes WhatsApp the least favorable application in such a case.

Apart from this feature, WhatsApp includes the ability to archive chats, mute chats, mute groups, and even star important messages. Being able to add notes to self will make this app even more useful and valuable than other messaging apps.

This Whatsapp chat feature is very easy to use and it is not known by many people. Here is a step-guide for WhatsApp users on how to chat with yourself for making notes, creating a list, and more.

How to chat with yourself on WhatsApp

Chatting with yourself on WhatsApp turns out to be a beneficial option as it allows you to save important links and favorite videos, or DIYs that you may want to go through later. Following are the steps to chat with yourself.

  1. First, you need to open any browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) on your phone or PC.
  2. Then type in the address bar, followed by your 10-digit mobile number, and make sure to add your country code before your mobile number. For Indian users, the procedure goes like this,
  3. A new window will open asking you to open WhatsApp. If you are using your mobile phone, then your WhatsApp will open up with a new chat displaying your number on the top along with your profile picture. Like this, you can begin chatting to yourself and create notes or share anything you want to in order to save something important.
  4. And, if you are on your PC, then a new window will pop-up with a button that reads, “Continue to Chat”.
  5. After clicking on that option WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp desktop app will open up with your own chat shown. This is how you can begin chatting with yourself. This is how you can share things with yourself and can have access to all the information across devices.


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