Khauf Amazon Prime Video Web Series Release Date, Cast and Plot

Khauf Amazon Prime Video Web Series Release Date, Cast and Plot


Khauf is an upcoming Amazon Prime Video original web series that is set to be released soon. The web series stars Monika Panwar in the lead. It is produced by Sanjay Routray and Sarita Patil under the Matchbox Shots production company. The show was created by Smita Singh, who has also written it. Khauf is directed by  Pankaj Kumar and Surya Balakrishnan. Here, we have covered everything you need to know about the Khauf web series in detail.

Khauf Amazon Prime Video Web Series Release Date

The exact release date of the Khauf is not yet known. Amazon Prime Video is yet to confirm the release date of Khauf. However, we expect the series to be released in 2024.


Khauf Crew and Cast

  • Production Company: Matchbox Shots
  • Producers: Sanjay Routray, Sarita Patil
  • Creator: Smita Singh
  • Directors: Pankaj Kumar, Surya Balakrishnan
  • Writer: Smita Singh
  • Key Cast: Monika Panwar, Rajat Kapoor, Abhishek Chauhan, Geetanjali Kulkarni and Shilpa Shukla

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Khauf Plot

Once upon a time, there was a young woman living in a hostel. Strange things started happening in her room, and she couldn’t explain why. It felt like there were mysterious forces at play, both inside and outside her room. As she tried to figure out what was going on, she also had to confront her troubled past. Maybe there were memories or experiences haunting her, making the situation even more challenging. It became a struggle for her to untangle the mysteries while facing her own demons from the past.


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