Karan Johar Wife: Why KJO Said He Wants a Wife Like Kareena Kapoor

Does Karan Johar have a Wife? Read the article below to find out!


Karan Johar is one of the most well-known Indian directors and producers. Throughout his illustrious career, he has worked on superhit Bollywood films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, and many more. Karan Johar’s sexuality has often been a subject of debate in popular media. There were rumours of him being romantically linked with the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the 2000s. However, those rumours were squashed by SRK, and he was linked to Sidharth Malhotra. Those rumours were also proved to be false. If you are eager to learn about Karan Johar wife then you are at the right place cause we have covered every detail about the love life of Karan Johar.

Why Karan Johar Said He Wants a Wife Like Kareena Kapoor


In an old interview, the Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar said that he wants a wife like Kareena Kapoor. KJO later explained that he considers Kareena to be his dear friend and really loves her personality and the aura that she exudes. Kareena Kapoor has also said in the interviews that Karan Johar is her dear friend and nothing more than that. Many people on social media were claiming that Karan Johar is secretly in love with Kareena Kapoor, but both celebrities have denied the rumours. Now, you know about the rumours that surround Karan Johar wife when it comes to Kareena Kapoor.

Karan Johar Revealed that He Once Had a Crush on Bollywood Actress Twinkle Khanna, Who is Now the Wife of Akshay Kumar


Karan Johar wife is a topic that has been widely searched on Google, and this is because of all the rumours about his relationships in the industry over the years. Karan Johar once thought of making Twinkle Khanna his wife, and he apparently tried confessing his love for the actress. He fell in love with her during their school days and told about his feelings to her. Twinkle, however, turned down the proposal of Karan Johar, and the latter realised that it was just a phase and he was not in love with her.

Karan Johar and Twinkle Khanna have joked about this on the show Koffee With Karan, in which Akshay Kumar, the husband of Twinkle, was also present. Even though Twinkle Khanna is not the wife of Karan Johar, both of them maintain a good relationship. They are good friends who are often spotted at the parties at each other’s houses and have a good time together in Tinseltown.

Karan Johar Keeps His Personal Life in Wraps, and He Revealed in an Interview that Kareena Kapoor Would be Perfect for the Role of His Wife

Karan Johar recently revealed in an interview that he is currently not looking for a wife and is happy with his status. He said that he does not believe in serious dating and wants to explore life and continue being free and happy.

“I am undersexed and underpaid. I don’t date like serious dating. There are some situations that allow you to venture into an intimate zone now and then. Casual sex is not something that works for me at all. I need to be able to interact with the person. Have some level of conversation, therefore a level of comfort,” Karan Johar said when asked about his dating life.

When Karan Johar was asked about who he would have as his wife if he could pick anyone, Karan Johar replied that he would love to marry his best friend forever, Kareena Kapoor, if he was looking for a female partner in life.

“Kareena. She is fun, fabulous, entertaining, and this is like everything that I would look for in a life partner,” he said in reply to the question about having who he would love to marry.

Who is Karan Johar Wife? Was He Ever Married?

Karan Johar does not have a wife and is not planning to marry at all in the future. He has revealed on various occasions that he does not like to talk about his sexuality, but he is surely not interested in female life partners. If you are eagerly searching for Karan Johar wife, then you would be disappointed to know that there is no life partner for Karan Johar at the moment. He is busy making Bollywood films and web series for OTT platforms. We personally think that Karan Johar is married to his work, and he would love to extend that relationship in future.

He has found immense success in Bollywood and is among the most respected filmmakers of all time. Once, he revealed in an interview that his parents never forced him to change his sexual identity once he revealed to them what he felt about women.

Will Karan Johar Ever Get Married?

karan johar kids

Never say never; there is a time for everything, and who knows, Karan Johar can get married in the future if he finds a suitable life partner. Currently, he is the father of twins Roohi Johar and Yash Johar, who was born through surrogacy. The twins were born at Masrani Hospital in Mumbai in February 2017. The names of his kids come from the name of his parents, Yash and Hiroo. We hope all your doubts about Karan Johar wife are cleared in this blog.

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