Jigarthanda DoubleX Tamil Movie Review: Gangsters Breath Fire in This Gripping Film

Jigarthanda DoubleX Tamil Movie Review: Jigarthanda DoubleX successfully blends genres, offering a mix of action, comedy, and period drama.


“Jigarthanda DoubleX,” a Tamil-language period action comedy directed by Karthik Subbaraj, emerges as a spirited and inventive addition to the cinematic landscape. Serving as a spiritual successor to the acclaimed “Jigarthanda” (2014), the film weaves a compelling narrative around the intriguing backdrop of Tamil cinema in 1975.


Raghava Lawrence, in the role of Pandiyan, delivers a standout performance as a notorious gangster with a unique aspiration to become the first dark-skinned actor in Tamil cinema. The juxtaposition of his criminal endeavors with his cinematic dreams adds a layer of complexity to the character. S. J. Suryah, portraying Ray Dasan, the budding film director, complements Lawrence’s energy with his own brand of charisma. Their dynamic on-screen chemistry contributes significantly to the film’s entertainment value.

The storyline, centered around Pandiyan’s ambitious venture to create a Clint Eastwood-style western film titled “Pandyaa,” is both inventive and humorous. The clash between Pandiyan’s criminal life and the challenges faced during the film’s production creates a delightful blend of action and comedy. Director Karthik Subbaraj showcases his storytelling prowess by navigating the dual narrative, seamlessly integrating the worlds of cinema and gangster drama.

The supporting cast, including Shine Tom Chacko, Nimisha Sajayan, Naveen Chandra, and others, adds depth to the film’s ensemble. Each character brings a unique flavor to the narrative, contributing to the overall richness of the storytelling. The inclusion of elements such as rival gangsters disrupting the film shoot injects tension and humor simultaneously, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

The film’s period setting is skillfully captured, immersing the audience in the cultural and cinematic landscape of 1975 Tamil Nadu. The visual aesthetics, costume design, and cinematography contribute to an authentic representation of the era, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

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“Jigarthanda DoubleX” successfully blends genres, offering a mix of action, comedy, and period drama. The director’s ability to balance these elements reflects a keen understanding of storytelling dynamics. The film pays homage to Tamil cinema’s history while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary narrative, making it accessible to a diverse audience.

The soundtrack and background score, a crucial aspect of any Indian film, contribute to the film’s atmosphere. Well-choreographed action sequences and cleverly written comedy scenes further elevate the entertainment quotient.

In conclusion, “Jigarthanda DoubleX” is a commendable cinematic venture that not only lives up to the legacy of its predecessor but also carves its own niche. Karthik Subbaraj’s directorial finesse, coupled with the dynamic performances of Raghava Lawrence and S. J. Suryah, makes this film a delightful watch. With its inventive storyline, engaging characters, and a seamless blend of genres, “Jigarthanda DoubleX” stands out as a noteworthy addition to the Tamil film industry.

Jigarthanda DoubleX Tamil Movie Review Rating
Jigarthanda DoubleX Tamil Movie Review: Gangsters Breath Fire in This Gripping Film
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