Is Your Car a Time Bomb? Avoid These Items That Could Ignite a Car Explosion

Through this article, we will tell you about some such things which you usually keep in your car. But due to these, a big accident also happens in your car.


You must have often heard incidents of fire in the car. In the last few times, many such news have been coming every day. Such accidents double in the scorching heat. Often these accidents happen due to short circuit or many other technical reasons, but sometimes some other reasons are also responsible for this. Yes, sometimes we also keep some such things inside the car, then it can cause a big accident later. Today we are going to tell you about some such things which you often keep in your car without thinking, which also puts your life in danger.

Is Your Car a Time Bomb? Avoid These Items That Could Ignite a Car Explosion

Do not keep plastic bottle inside car even by mistake

We often use plastic bottle to drink water in the car. One or the other bottle is always lying in our car. But this small plastic bottle can cause a big accident in your car. Especially in summers, it should not be kept inside the car at all. There is a risk of fire in plastic bottle. If it catches fire once, it can spread to your entire car. Therefore, always use steel or glass bottle.


Avoid keeping these things too

Apart from this, there are many small things which we should avoid keeping in our car. If you use a lighter to light your cigarette, then also you need to be careful. Never leave the lighter in the car. Actually, if sunlight falls on the lighter, it can also cause a big explosion. Due to which a huge fire can break out in the car.

Avoid keeping deodorant in the car for fragrance. It is temperature sensitive, which means that there is a risk of explosion in it even if the temperature increases a little.

Along with all these things, avoid keeping any kind of electronic equipment in your car. Actually, in summers, the risk of these devices catching fire is also very high. A small mistake can take the form of a big accident.

Do not keep sanitizer in the car even by mistake. Keeping sanitizer also increases the risk of fire in the car. Especially do not leave it in direct contact with sunlight.

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