Is Your Car Protected? Find Out Now If Your Insurance Covers Flood Damage!

Know everything about the car insurance for flood damages


Recently, images and videos of the disaster brought by floods in Haridwar and Rishikesh surfaced on social media. In these media files, several cars can be seen getting demolished by the floods. The heavy water currents spare no one. While the monsoon weather has brought some relief from the heatwave, the fear of floods causing irreparable damage has increased. Car owners across India are now worried about their car insurance coverage. Many people live in flood-prone areas and need to find insurance that covers damages caused by floods. Here, we help you find out if your car insurance covers flood damage.

Is Your Car Protected? Find Out Now If Your Insurance Covers Flood Damage!

Which type of car insurance do you need to cover the flood damages?

Car insurance does cover flood damage, but only if you have a comprehensive insurance package. A comprehensive insurance package covers damage caused by floods, earthquakes, cyclones, fires, and theft, as well as other man-made disasters. However, a comprehensive insurance package is optional and not mandatory.


You should assess the area where you live. If there is a risk of floods or other natural disasters, it is always wise to opt for comprehensive coverage. Additionally, it is important to note that engine and gearbox damage might not be covered under standard insurance. Therefore, talk to your insurance company and consider necessary add-ons for protecting the engine, gearbox, and other options.

How to claim insurance for damages caused by floods to your car?

To claim damages caused by a flood, you must first inform your insurance company immediately. Take as many photos and videos of the vehicle as possible and update the insurance company. Then, gather all necessary documents related to the car, such as a copy of the insurance policy, the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC), owner details, address proof, and driving license.

Once you have collected the documents, file the insurance claim online. Most insurance companies have an online process for filing claims. Follow the provided steps. After submitting the necessary documents and completing the claim form, a representative from the insurance company will contact you as soon as possible.

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Does third-party car insurance covers flood damages?

Third-party insurance, also known as liability insurance, is a basic and legally required form of car insurance. It covers damages and injuries caused to other people (third parties) in an accident where you are at fault. This insurance includes:

Third-party property damage: It covers the repair or replacement of the other party’s vehicle or property damaged in an accident caused by you.

Third-party bodily injury: It covers medical expenses and compensation for injuries sustained by the other party in the accident.

Third-party insurance does not cover damages to your vehicle or any injuries you may suffer. It only provides protection for damages and injuries caused to others.


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