Illegal Season 3 Review: Neha Sharma Starrer Keeps Viewers Hooked


The third season of Illegal has finally hit the screens, and fans are buzzing with excitement. Featuring Neha Sharma and Akshay Oberoi in the lead roles, this legal drama series continues to explore the complexities of the justice system, ethical dilemmas, and personal struggles faced by lawyers.

The plot revolves around Niharika Singh (played by Neha Sharma), a talented lawyer who joins a prestigious law firm run by Janardhan Jaitley (Akshay Oberoi). However, her initial assignment—handling a case involving rape and sexual harassment charges—takes an unexpected turn. Niharika finds herself entangled in a web of other cases, each with its own set of challenges and moral ambiguities.

The series delves into the personal lives of its characters, revealing their vulnerabilities, motivations, and hidden agendas. Neha Sharma’s portrayal of Niharika is commendable, capturing both her determination and vulnerability.

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The show presents a mix of legal cases, from corporate fraud to political scandals. Each case is meticulously crafted, keeping viewers guessing until the last moment. Akshay Oberoi shines as the enigmatic law firm head. His layered performance adds depth to the narrative.

While the chaos within the law firm adds to the drama, at times, it becomes overwhelming. Some scenes could benefit from tighter editing. While the series manages to surprise, certain plot twists are predictable. A few more unexpected turns would have elevated the suspense.

Illegal Season 3 maintains its grip on viewers, thanks to its engaging storytelling and strong performances. If you enjoyed the previous seasons, this one won’t disappoint. However, brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through legal intricacies and personal dilemmas.


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