How To Save Money and Not to Be Broke in 2020

How to save money in 2020

Saving money has always been a thought in your heads whether it’s your pocket money or your hard-earned cash, How to save money and not be broke is a kind of task which all of us seek to complete. it’s hard to keep it together and not let another window shopping spree ending into a full-fledged shopping spree and crashing your dream of saving.

With New Years and resolutions, let’s try to be real that nothing works. But this 2020 let’s try to move one step ahead from our past spree, whether it is your favorite gadget or accessories, your soul doesn’t rest until you get it.

So, not to repeat your past actions and let’s be smarter in saving with effectiveness and efficiency and most importantly by not killing your heart from not letting it buy the thing you have been eyeing from the beginning of the month.

How to save money

Keep a Financial Track

Saving money is the most adult thing to do and if you have bills to pay then it’s a cherry on top. So this guide to save money would definitely help you in knowing finance, which is trickier than calculus and filled with nightmares.

One of the most vital things in being an adult, when it comes to money is to keep a track of it. You should know where you are spending, how much you are spending. And keep a check on it, so that you know how much you have left with.

Set Up a Budget

Setting up the Budget for things can help you in minding your money and prioritizing where you want to spend how much money. A financial expert, Stefanie O’Connell. She said “Having that kind of visual snapshot of where you stand financially can serve as a powerful in-the-moment gut check when asking yourself questions like, ‘Can I afford it?’ or ‘Is this purchase going to bring me closer to or push me further from my goals?’”

Know Your Policies

Don’t get involve with tricky terms in the bank and know better by knowing yourself what you are getting into. When you get in a bank with thoughts to save, you can get overwhelmed with their different policies but your way is to know what you really want.

Save a Little Every Month

You want to save a good 10% of Your Salary into that saving account which has been NIL for quite some time. So be more punctual and not to get swayed by any side link. It’s better to transfer directly that 10% to your account as soon as you get your Salary or pocket money.

Or you could choose to do follow on the steps suggested by Samuel Rad, a certified financial planner and a trainer at UCLA, “Pay Yourself First”, “This is the idea of always cutting out a part of your paycheck and putting it aside before you spend money on other things”. You can just do the same thing with this like you can with transferring 10% of your salary at the beginning of the month.

Experiment With Funds

Lastly, try new things that could encourage saving. Explore options that could decrease your expenses and add to your savings. This would have a double effect as it will add some fun to your life. Like, go for No spending on fuel-month. Or no spending on clothes.

I know, one can have not too many clothes but this would help you both economically and would instill a sense of mindfulness. Go for public transport, which adds up and saves lots of money. Rather than eating out every day at lunch try to curtail that expense by making lunch at home. It would not just save chunks of money, we are trying to save but also will definitely keep you healthy.

Saving Money has never been easy. But let’s make it easy by thinking, what you save today would be something you would spend tomorrow. So Saving is the key to not to be broke this year, in 2020

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