How to Get Your Hands on JioFibre Connection?

The JioFibre was launched on 5th September 2019 and everyone is eager to book a connection for themselves due to JioFibre’s lucrative plans and offers. The process might be simple if it were for any other broadband provider but we are talking about Jio, which literally made the whole country stand in lines outside their storefronts and that too happily and out of their will. Jio was launched on 5th September 2016 and JioFibre was launched on the same date to commemorate Jio’s 3rd anniversary.

The registration for a JioFibre connection has been going on from August itself and about 1.5 crore Indians have booked themselves a JioFibre. The set target that JioFibre is aiming at is 2  crore home residence and 1.5 crore business premises across the whole country, where JioFibre is providing its services.

How to get a JioFibre Connection?

The process to book a JIoFibre connection is rather a simple and pretty straightforward one unlike the last time, where one had to wait in long queues. Upon booking of JioFibre connection, It would ask for a one-time payment of 2500 IN, which breaks down to 1500 INR for security deposit and 1000 INR for installation charges.

Step 1: Visit or click here.

Step 2: choose and fil in work or home address.



Step 3: fill in basic details such as Name, Phone number, etc.




Step 4: Choose your plan accordingly.




Step  5: receive OTP on the provided phone number.



JioFibre Plans


The JioFibre will provide a minimum of 100 Mbps Speed that can be upgraded up to 1 Gbps. The plans are starting from a mere amount of 699 INR and go up to  8499 INR and there are other lucrative offers included with different packs, which we will explore in the next section.


JioFibre Welcome Offer

There have been various lucrative promises been made to the public prior to the JioFibre launch and they may sound unrealistic at first but according to the data at JioFibre’s website, they are one hundred percent true. JioFibre will distribute Muse 2 Bluetooth speakers with their Bronze plan and can go as high as offering 43 Inch 4K TV with their Titanium plan but the condition is that one had to opt for Annual plans and then only the offer can be applied.

Apart from that, the Bronze plan includes 3 months subscription of JioSaavan and all the other packs have OTT apps subscription for up to a year except Silver pack which limits OTT apps to a period of 3 months.



Booking a connection is easy but there would be no probable date upon which your connection might be active as JioFibre plans to take out the distribution process in a phase by phase manner. So, if you are waiting for your 4K TV then you might have to wait a little longer in order to enjoy the crisp display and oh!  the blazing fast internet speed too.

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