How INDIA Alliance Can Still Form the Government- Here’s the Combination

Can INDIA Bloc still form the government?


India Alliance combining of major political parties like Congress, SP, DMK, TMC, AAP and many others have achieved a total of 234 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections. Congress won 99 seats, while SP surprised everyone to pick up a big win in Uttar Pradesh by winning 37 seats. On the other hand, TMC warded off the threat of BJP in West Bengal by winning 29 seats. AAP failed to pose any challenge in Delhi but won 3 seats in Punjab to open its Lok Sabha Elections account.

Meanwhile, NDA has achieved majority with 292 seats. BJP, which achieved single handed majority in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections failed to do so in the 2024 Elections. However, the party led by the Prime Minister still managed to top the party wise results by winning 240 seats. TDP and JDU, the key alliance of BJP in NDA has won 16 and 12 seats respectively. These 28 seats between TDP and JDU could turn out to be the make or break when it comes to the position of Prime Minister.

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How Can INDIA Bloc Form the Government?

INDIA Bloc is looking to offer some insane deals to TDP and JDU to get their support. It is rumoured that Congress has offered the special status for Andhra Pradesh to the TDP chief. On the other hand, Nitish Kumar is rumoured to be offered the post of Deputy Prime Minister. If India alliance can get the support of these 28 seats their tally will reach 262. After that they will need to bring in 10 independent candidates to achieve the target of 272 to form the government.

Rahul Gandhi and the senior Congress party leaders held a press conference yesterday evening to say that the democracy has won and the talks for getting the support of JDU and TDP might be on. On the other hand, PM Modi stated that NDA is going to form the government of the third consecutive time in India.


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