House of Ninjas Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

House of Ninjas Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot


This article covers everything about the Season 2 of House of Ninjas. Created by Dave Boyle for Netflix, this Japanese television series features Kento Kaku in the lead role, supported by a talented cast including Yōsuke Eguchi, Tae Kimura, Kengo Kora, Aju Makita, Nobuko Miyamoto, and Riho Yoshioka. The storyline revolves around a family of ninjas, or shinobi, grappling with their familial bonds while navigating the challenges of returning to their traditional shinobi lifestyle.

House of Ninjas Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot

House of Ninjas Season 2 Release Date on Netflix

House of Ninjas Season 2 is going to be released in August 2025 on Netflix. The first season was released worldwide on February 15, 2024. Netflix is expected to announce the news of renewal soon.


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House of Ninjas Season 2 Cast

  • Kento Kaku as Haru Tawara, the second-oldest son
  • Yōsuke Eguchi as Souichi Tawara, the father, the descendent of Hattori Hanzō
  • Tae Kimura as Yoko Tawara, the mother
  • Kengo Kora as Gaku Tawara, the oldest son, who died six years ago during a mission to rescue a kidnapped politician
  • Aju Makita as Nagi Tawara, the only daughter, who never formally became a shinobi
  • Nobuko Miyamoto as Taki Tawara, the grandmother
  • Riho Yoshioka as Karen Ito, a freelance journalist
  • Tomorowo Taguchi as Jin Hamashima, the head of the Bureau of Ninja Management
  • Bambi Naka as Ayame
  • Tokio Emoto as Masamitsu Oki
  • Mariko Tsutsui as Hitoko Mukai
  • Kyusaku Shimada as Kosaku Kuze, works as a cleaner and interrogator for the Bureau of Ninja Management
  • Pierre Taki as Zensuke Omi
  • Tenta Banka as Riku Tawara, the youngest son
  • Takayuki Yamada as Yosuke Tsujioke, the head of the religious group called Gentenkai

House of Ninjas Season 2 Plot

Set in present-day Japan, the series centers on the Tawara family, descendants of a long line of shinobi, residing in a traditional ‘house of ninjas.’ Their lives were upended six years prior when the eldest son perished during a mission to save a kidnapped politician, prompting the family to forsake their ninja heritage in pursuit of a semblance of normalcy. Despite their efforts, they grapple with peculiar dysfunctions. However, when a fresh crisis emerges, the family is inexorably pulled back into the shadows of their past.


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