Hostel Daze Season 4 Review: A Must-Watch

What sets this season apart is its willingness to explore deeper into nostalgia and showcase the more mature facets of its beloved characters.


Hostel Daze Season 4 Review Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | 4/5

Hostel Daze Season 4 is a notable addition to the series, maintaining its reputation for clever one-liners and authentic emotions. Under the direction of Abhinav Anand and the collaborative writing efforts of Suprith Kundar, Harish Peddinti, and Talha Siddiqui, this six-part half-hour show effectively captures the essence of college life, creating a relatable and engaging narrative.

As the characters embark on their final year, the show skillfully portrays the evolution of hostel dynamics. The once boisterous laughter becomes subdued, and the weight of impending responsibilities and uncertainties takes its toll. Each character’s journey is thoughtfully developed, with Akanksha (played by Ahsaas Channa) shouldering the role of placement coordinator, adding depth to her character. Chirag (Luv Vispute) and Nabomita (Ayushi Gupta) finding love amidst the chaos and Rupesh, affectionately known as Jaat (Shubham Gaur), grappling with a crisis of confidence about his job prospects are all compelling story arcs.

Furthermore, the character Jatin Kishore, aka Jhantoo (Nikhil Vijay), facing the challenge of improving his grades to qualify for job interviews, and Ankit, known as Dopa (Utsav Sarkar), nursing a broken heart after his breakup with Akanksha, add emotional depth to the narrative.

Hostel Daze Season 4 Review: A Must-Watch

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One of the standout elements of this season is its unique approach to storytelling. Breaking the fourth wall with guest actors like Faisal Malik, Gopal Dutt, Jamini Pathak, and Deven Bhojani narrating the story of campus life adds gravitas and heartwarming moments that resonate with the audience. The dialogues are not only witty but also relatable, effortlessly connecting with viewers.

What sets this season apart is its willingness to explore deeper into nostalgia and showcase the more mature facets of its beloved characters. This approach, while making the pace slower, adds richness and depth to the storytelling, making it highly watchable.

Each episode skillfully addresses a different issue faced by final-year students, delicately tackling themes such as college romances, breakups, feelings of isolation, peer pressure, fears about the future, and the emotional farewells that come with the territory. The maturity in handling these issues never overshadows the light-hearted tone that has become the show’s trademark. It skillfully balances humor and poignancy, ensuring that it remains enjoyable while also delivering powerful emotional moments.

In conclusion, Hostel Daze Season 4 stands out as a must-watch for fans of the series. It continues to offer witty humor and genuine emotions, but it also goes deeper, making it a relatable and touching portrayal of college life and the challenges that come with it.


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