Highlights From PM Modi Speech: Free Ratio, Free Vaccine to Everyone Over 18, and More


The PM of India, Narendra Modi spoke from a public stage today and in his speech, he did tell some of the important updates for the coming future.

Highlights of PM Modi Speech

Starting with PM Modi Speech, new Covid vaccination policy where the centre will back the state as well in the process. About 25% of the vaccination will be taken care of by the centre and the rest 75% will be governed by the state itself. Making sure that the states do not shoulder the burden alone.

Highlights From PM Modi Speech: Free Ratio, Free Vaccine to Everyone Over 18, and More

This policy will be implemented in the next two weeks and till then the normal procedure would be followed.

Moving on to the second agenda of the talk, PM Modi speech mention that for any Indian citizen who’s above the age of 18, the government would provide free vaccination. Moreover, the production of that vaccine is fast-tracked and that more vaccines would be available soon enough. The date for starting this procedure has been set to June 21.

He did also mentioned that the infrastructure they have developed after being elected have helped the system reach up to 90% of vaccination. Which would be 40% effective if we’re talking about the situation 5-6 years back.

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Additionally, sharing the date that 23 crore citizens have been vaccinated already and the other would be vaccinated soon as well.

It is important to know that in the last 06 months, today is the day, we’re at 2 months low for recording new corona cases with only 1,00,636 new Covid-19 cases and 2,427 deaths. It’s not a thing to celebrate as there are still people suffering but it does show a positive deviation from where we stood earlier.

Lastly, one of the highlights of PM Modi speech was his talk about the ‘Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Anna scheme’ which is a scheme to provide free ration to the poor. He announced that the scheme will run till Diwali or let’s say the month of November and help the poor in getting the food that they so much need.

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