Harom Hara Movie Review: A Violent Period Drama with Flaws

Harom Hara Review


“Harom Hara,” set in the gritty 1980s, thrusts us into the heart of Kuppam, a town steeped in chaos, guns, and vendettas. Sudheer Babu shines as Subramanyam, a lab assistant turned gunsmith, caught in a web of violence and survival. Here’s my take:

The film’s dark, KGF-inspired presentation immediately grabs attention. Guns blaze, knives flash, and blood flows freely—sometimes gratuitously. The level of violence, while fitting for the theme, occasionally overwhelms. Heads roll, fingers fly, and even a coconut becomes a weapon. The guns are named after stars like Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachchan.


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Sudheer Babu’s performance elevates the film, but the script stumbles in the second half. Clichés abound, and the unwavering faith in Lord Subramanya adds an unexpected twist. Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka’s well-choreographed action sequences showcase Sudheer’s fighting skills, yet the pacing tests patience. The drama falters, and the ending disappoints.

Despite its flaws, “Harom Hara” capitalizes on Sudheer Babu’s strengths. If you’re up for a mass action film and can stomach the gore, give it a shot. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride through a violent and unpredictable world.


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