Happy Gilmore 2 Announced- When Will It Release?

Everything about Happy Gilmore 2


Adam Sandler is finally returning to the golf course as Happy Gilmore in a long-awaited sequel. Nearly 30 years after the original, fans can catch up with the long-driving hero who won the Tour Championship in 1996. Though no details about alligators have been revealed, Sandler’s powerful slap shot is sure to make a comeback. Characters from Happy Gilmore have appeared in other Sandler films like Jack and Jill, Little Nicky, and Hubie Halloween, but now Sandler’s hotheaded golfer is officially returning.

Happy Gilmore 2 Announced- When Will It Release?

In the original 1996 movie, Happy Gilmore, a failed hockey player, used his unorthodox skills to compete in golf to raise money for his grandmother’s delinquent back taxes. With the help of allies like Chubbs Petersen (played by Carl Weathers) and a homeless caddy (Allen Covert), he faced off against enemies like Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) and even Bob Barker. Happy’s triumph over these challenges not only saved his grandmother’s house but also cemented his legacy in the golf world. The original film is now streaming on Netflix for those looking to refresh their memories.

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Happy Gilmore 2 Release Date

There is no official release date for Happy Gilmore 2. However, the movie is directly going to be streaming on Netflix as Sandler has a multi movie contract with the OTT platform. Who will be cast in the new Happy Gilmore movie is yet to be revealed. We expect the film to be shot completely in the next 8-12 months, which will ultimately set the release date in 2025.


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