Good Times Review: A Celebration of Community, Resilience & Love

Good Times Review

Good Times
Good Times Review: A Celebration of Community, Resilience & Love

Date Created: 2024-04-12 13:54

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The heart of Good Times is in its characters, and the animated version does not disappoint. We reunite with Florida (voiced by the incomparable Yvette Nicole Brown), the matriarch who balances love, resilience, and sass. James (J.B. Smoove) remains the hardworking father, determined to provide for his family despite life’s challenges. And don’t forget the scene-stealing duo of Thelma (Marsai Martin) and J.J. (Jay Pharoah), whose sibling banter keeps us entertained.


Good Times has always meant more than just laughs. It is a mirror that reflects societal issues, and the animated reboot upholds this tradition. From gentrification to racial tensions, the show addresses important issues with wit and heart. Wanda Sykes lends her voice to Willona, the sassy neighbor, adding a layer of wit and wisdom.

Good Times Review: A Celebration of Community, Resilience & Love

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The animation evokes the spirit of the 1970s while incorporating modern aesthetics. The colors are vibrant, the afros sway, and the fashion—oh the fashion! Bell-bottoms, platform shoes, and psychedelic prints—each frame is a visual treat. And when the Evans family dances to the funky theme song, you’ll want to join in too.

Whether you grew up watching the original or are just discovering the Evans family for the first time, Good Times on Netflix is a fun ride. It’s a celebration of resilience, love, and community, and a reminder that even in difficult times, laughter can be a saving grace. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and let the animated Evans family transport you to a world where good times never fade.


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