Free Netflix Account, Here’s How You Get It.


Who in the whole wide world doesn’t know about Netflix? And who in the wide world doesn’t want a free Netflix account? Initially, The OTT service which goes by the name Kibble once has now turned into one of the biggest streaming services in the world that has 167 million subscribers.

Started and still going as subscription-based streaming service, Netflix offers an online library of movies and TV programs to their users worldwide. The main idea behind starting Netflix was to get rid of the late fees on DVD rentals.

Now, Netflix offers monthly and yearly plans to its users according to users’ price range and consumption.


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The ‘Basic’ streaming plan costs Rs 499 per month. The ‘Standard’ streaming plan costs Rs 649 per month and the ‘Premium’ plan will cost you Rs 799 per month. There is a newly launched mobile plan from the company which offers all basic amenities at Rs 199 per month.

Most of us, Millenials knows about the pricing and what we get inside but for those wondering it goes like this. The basic plan has a limit of  480P and can be viewed on a single screen at a time. Then the higher plans rose in quality and the number of screens both going up to a maximum of 1080P and 4 screens at a time respectively.

These plans are affordable but not many of us choose to go that way due to different circumstances. And we do not want to shift to other platforms that are cheaper but have a lot less quality content like Hulu or Disney.

So let’s do what we do best and scrape some NetFlix hacks which you could use to watch the content for free or at a minimal cost.

Free Netflix Account

The Free Trial

Netflix offers its new customers a month free trial period. This is an ‘anytime cancellation offer’ which lasts one month after your first-time logs in.

The procedure goes on like this:

  1. You create a new account on Netflix by entering your email and creating a password.
  2. Subsequently, you will be directed over the listings of the plans from which you have to choose from.
  3. Users need to enter their working debit/credit card details.
  4. After successful activation, cancel your subscription right there and then, and you’d be left with a free one-month subscription.
  5. To cancel, click on your account image and from the drop-down select “Your Account”. Now under “Membership and Billing” click on the “Cancel Membership” option.
  6. If you fail to cancel the subscription on time and somehow it slipped your mind, you’ll automatically be charged subscription fees for the next month on the first day of the next billing cycle.

Hacked Accounts

It is the second option if the above method has been already used by you. Now, there are many websites and platforms that offer and provide free working hacked Netflix accounts. The source might be reliable or not that is the main question with them.

But what’s the harm in trying and you can get around to trying a few Id and password on the platforms, you might hit success sometime. But for the most part, these accounts get identified and are in a lockdown mode or removed from the subscription.

 Don’t settle if the first 10 doesn’t work. Maybe the next one will work, or the next one, or; never mind. It was worth a mention for many individuals do get a free set of accounts and you should give it a shot as well.

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MOD Application or Software

The third method is to use a third-party app or software. By accessing any one of this software, you might get discount offers on Netflix account.

And some of them may even give you free access to the content. Also, users can run it over their PCs, their tablets and their smartphones.

For mobile devices, the apps are easier for Android OS as compared to iOS devices. Apple’s security is far more complicated and hard to hack. 

Earlier, the Popcorn time app was widely popular as a Netflix alternative but it ran into some issues previously and their stream has become quite slower than before. But, it still stands as an option if you seek one.

The other one which is most secretly talked about in the community is ThopTv, which has both an android and a PC application and has a wide range of shows under its radar.

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Shared Service

This has been quite on the large and people are using this method with their friends or via platforms available on the net. The idea behind a shared subscription service is that you pay for the minimum and get the highest quality account.

It’s possible as it involves many individuals purchasing the same account and then sharing the service among themselves. Which is both cost-effective and gives them full access to the original content.

You could search for mediation platforms and select the one which looks trustworthy and get a shared pack for as less as 50 INR/Month.

Using Torrents

The torrents have been a widely popular way to download such content and if you want to explore all the options to save your money and get the original content for free, why not give torrent download a shot.

Head over to KickAss torrent or PirateBay, which are two of the most popular torrent distribution platform and get a torrent file for any content that you seek.

Open it using client software like BitTorrent and Utorrent and let the download begin.


Don’t forget to comment below, which trick for a free Netflix account was your favorite or most used by you. And if you have any other such tricks in your bag, do share that here as well.


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