Dhootha Web Series Cast Salary: Naga Chaitanya Takes Home This Much

Dhootha Cast Fees


The upcoming Dhootha web series, scheduled for release on Amazon Prime Video on December 1, 2023, is generating buzz not just for its captivating plot but also for the notable cast that breathes life into the story. In the era of digital prominence, the fees earned by the cast members have become a topic of avid discussion and speculation. Explore the intricacies of the cast fees for Dhootha as we delve into the financial dynamics shaping this supernatural suspense thriller.

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Dhootha Web Series Cast Salary

Naga Chaitanya, a prominent figure in Tollywood, ventures into the realm of OTT with ‘Dhootha,’ taking on the role of journalist Sagar. Renowned for his versatility, Chaitanya has reportedly secured a substantial fee ranging from Rs 5 to 8 crores, emphasizing both the project’s significance and his dedication to delivering a stellar digital debut.


Parvathy Thiruvothu, portraying the determined cop Kranthi, adds depth to the ‘Dhootha’ narrative. While the specifics of her remuneration remain undisclosed, industry insiders suggest a substantial financial package, acknowledging her prowess in the acting realm.

The supporting cast, including Priya Bhavani Shankar, Prachi Desai, and Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, enhances the series with unique contributions. Although precise fee details are not widely publicized, the collective financial investment underscores the commitment to assembling a talent powerhouse.

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The reported cast fees for ‘Dhootha’ reflect the evolving dynamics of the entertainment industry, particularly in the digital domain. As OTT platforms heavily invest in top-notch content and A-list talent, cast fees witness an upward trend. ‘Dhootha,’ with an estimated budget of Rs 45 crores, exemplifies the industry’s recognition of the value that elite talent brings to the digital table.


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