Dhaakad Review: A Scorching Spy-thriller with Rip-roaring Action Sequences

Dhaakad starring Kangana Ranaut, hit the theatres on 20th May 2022. The film is built as the first women-led high-octane spy action-thriller in India. To start off, the movie does justice to its hype with wonderful choreography and cinematography, which elevates the action sequences.

The film was written by Ritesh Shah and directed by Razneesh Razy Ghai. Kangana plays the main lead Special Agent Agni while Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta are portrayed as antagonists. Saswata Chatterjee appears in the film as a supporting character.


Dhaakad follows the mission assigned to Special Agent Agni by the imaginary International Task Force created by the government. She goes on a hunt to discover and execute justice on an international human trafficker and coal mafia, Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal). However, things take a turn when Agni discovers a personal connection between her and Rudraveer that goes way back into their pasts.

Dhaakad is fabulous with its badass portrayal of Special Agent Agni, who does not shy away from breaking the protocols and taking laws into her hands to get justice done. She is an epitome of a fearless and highly skilled agent with an unmatched persona and aura.

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Kangana Ranaut again proves why she is being hailed as one of the top actresses in Bollywood. She excels in this challenging role and carves out a path for women actresses in the Hindi film industry in the heroine-centric action thrillers. Her latex attire and mastery of weapons, and unhesitant way of killing criminals are cool aspects of the film.

Special praise should be laid upon the camera work done in the film as it elevates Dhaakad to a whole new level. The hand to hand combat is totally mind-blowing and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film successfully makes one root for Agni without seeming to put too much effort into it.

Arjun Rampal brings his charisma to the movie and makes the character of Rudraveer one of the highlights of the film. He does not pale in comparison to Kangana in any aspect. In fact, he could have even surpassed Kangana as an actor in the film if the writers had put a little more effort into making his character a bit deeper.

Divya Dutta is also fabulous and forms the core of the film. Overall, the movie is a great entertainer which you will definitely enjoy while sipping some cold drink in the cinema halls.

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