Dating Santa Amazon Prime Video Movie Review: A Delightful Christmas Drama

Dating Santa Amazon Prime Video Movie Review: The film's strength lies in its ability to balance the magic of Christmas with the emotional dynamics of a budding romance and the complexities of single parenthood.


Dating Santa unfolds as a charming holiday film that seamlessly blends the magic of Christmas with themes of love, family, and the innocence of childhood. Ana Serradilla shines in her role as Lucia, a single mother whose life takes an unexpected turn when she ventures into the world of blind dates.


The film’s premise revolves around Lucia’s desire to shield her daughter, Leo (Olivia Duflos), from the complexities of her dating life. The introduction of Sergio (David Chocarro), a charismatic chef, adds a delightful layer to the narrative. The immediate sparks between Lucia and Sergio set the stage for a romantic journey that uniquely unfolds in the context of the Christmas season.

The decision to wait a year before revealing Sergio’s true identity to Leo introduces an element of anticipation, and the film cleverly plays with the blurred line between fantasy and reality. The magical atmosphere of Christmas, coupled with Leo’s belief that she is a wish-turned-miracle, adds a touch of whimsy to the storyline.

David Chocarro’s portrayal of Sergio adds a playful and endearing quality to the character. The moment he arrives at Lucia’s door dressed as Santa, the film takes a delightful turn. The ensuing interactions between Sergio and Leo, as he tries to uphold the illusion of being Santa, create heartwarming and humorous moments.

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The film’s strength lies in its ability to balance the magic of Christmas with the emotional dynamics of a budding romance and the complexities of single parenthood. The revelation of the lie, though momentarily saddening for Leo, becomes a catalyst for a poignant exploration of the true spirit of Christmas — the gift of love and family.

Olivia Duflos delivers an impressive performance as Leo, capturing the innocence and curiosity of a child enchanted by the magic of the season. The character’s transition from skepticism to excitement and, ultimately, to a heartfelt wish for a family is portrayed with authenticity.

The film’s resolution, where Leo’s letter to Santa transforms from a request for toys to a heartfelt plea for a united family, brings a tear to the eye. The decision by Lucia and Sergio to grant Leo’s wish creates a touching and emotionally resonant conclusion that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

Dating Santa succeeds in delivering a heartwarming holiday experience, combining romance, laughter, and the essence of familial bonds. The film’s strong performances, especially from Ana Serradilla, David Chocarro, and Olivia Duflos, contribute to its appeal. It is a delightful addition to the genre of Christmas films, leaving viewers with a warm glow and a renewed appreciation for the magic that the holiday season can bring.

Dating Santa
Dating Santa Amazon Prime Video Movie Review: A Delightful Christmas Drama
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