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ghee and coconut oil

Ghee Or Coconut Oil, Which one is Better For Weight Loss?

Are you sapped and drained of a special weight-loss diet and regular exercises to reduce that one inch of tummy fat or flappy hands?...

Regulate Your Periods Cycle with Quick Home Remedies

Contractions are not just something women experience when they are pregnant, but it's something they experience every month during their periods cycle in the...
Homeopathic medications

Four Important Myth Busters Homeopathic Medications

Homeopathic medications have been in the play for eternity but their usage has been clouded because of surrounding myths around the medication type. Well!...
more energy

11 Best Vegetarian Foods That You Give You More Energy

There are days when you are running errands and suddenly your body feels fatigue and you have no energy to complete all the activities...
Why and How Your Water Intake Levels Determins Your Overall Health

Why and How Your Water Intake Levels Determined Your Overall Health

Drinking water might sound very common task to you but it is one of the most important ones for the maintenance and overall health...