Bodkin Review: Intriguing Mysteries of a Charming Irish Town

Bodkin Review


In the quaint coastal town of Bodkin, where green hills meet the rugged Irish coast, three podcasters embark on an adventure that will change their lives forever.Three strangers vanish without a trace, leaving a mystery that reverberates throughout Bodkin’s narrow streets.

Our podcasters, Dove (Siobhán Cullen), Emmy (Robyn Cara), and Seán O’Shea (Chris Walley), explore the enigma. As they explore Bodkin, they discover secrets as dark as the stormy sky. The town’s facade conceals betrayal, ancient folklore, and intrigue. But it’s not just the missing strangers; the podcasters are caught up in their own web of secrets.


The three leads—Dove, Emmy, and Seán—have excellent chemistry. Siobhán Cullen is vulnerable, Robyn Cara is determined, and Chris Walley adds humor. The misty cliffs, cozy pubs, and whispering winds create an eerie atmosphere. Bodkin feels like a character, with secrets clinging to damp stones. Just when you think you have it figured out, the plot throws you off. Layers of mystery keep you guessing.

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While the majority of the series keeps a good pace, a few episodes could be tighter. Some secondary characters lack depth. More insight into their motivations would improve the overall experience. Bodkin is a thrilling ride through tense alleyways. Jez Scharf’s creation combines dark comedy with spine-tingling twists, leaving audiences wanting more. If you like podcasts, folklore, and unexpected twists, this series is a must-see.


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