Bina Band Chal England Punjabi Movie Review: A Hilarious Confusion

Bina Band Chal England Punjabi Movie Review: While Bina Band Chal England follows a familiar comedic formula, it successfully infuses the narrative with the vibrancy of Punjabi culture and humor.


Bina Band Chal England, directed by Satinder Singh Dev, is a rib-tickling Punjabi comedy that unfolds a cascade of confusion and comical situations stemming from a boy’s well-intentioned but deceptive act to save his marriage. The film stars Roshan Prince, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Raj Dhaliwal in key roles, bringing humor to the forefront under Dev’s direction.


Roshan Prince delivers a charismatic performance as the boy caught in a web of lies, attempting to navigate the delicate balance between family expectations and marital harmony. Gurpreet Ghuggi, a stalwart in Punjabi comedy, brings his signature humor to the film, adding to the comedic richness. Raj Dhaliwal complements the cast with her portrayal, contributing to the familial chaos that ensues.

Director Satinder Singh Dev crafts a narrative that revolves around the age-old trope of lying to in-laws, injecting it with a fresh Punjabi flavor. The film doesn’t shy away from embracing the humor inherent in familial misunderstandings, and Dev’s direction keeps the pace lively, ensuring a steady flow of laughs.

The plot, revolving around the protagonist’s attempt to save his marriage by misrepresenting his family’s occupation, sets the stage for a series of amusing situations. The humor arises from the cascading consequences of this initial deception, as it snowballs into further misunderstandings, bringing the two families into a hilarious collision.

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The film cleverly plays on cultural nuances and familial dynamics, providing relatable scenarios that resonate with audiences. The interactions between the characters, especially the father-in-law and the protagonist, contribute to the situational comedy, creating moments that evoke genuine laughter.

While Bina Band Chal England follows a familiar comedic formula, it successfully infuses the narrative with the vibrancy of Punjabi culture and humor. The dialogue delivery, often punctuated with local flavor, adds authenticity to the characters and amplifies the entertainment quotient.

The cinematography captures the colorful and lively atmosphere, enhancing the film’s comedic elements. The soundtrack complements the narrative, incorporating lively Punjabi tunes that contribute to the film’s overall energetic vibe.

In terms of critique, some viewers might find the plot predictable, given the recurring theme of misunderstandings in comedies. However, the film’s strength lies in its ability to embrace this formula and deliver genuine laughs through well-executed performances and situational humor.

In summary, Satinder Singh Dev’s direction, coupled with the charismatic performances of Roshan Prince, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Raj Dhaliwal, makes for an entertaining watch. The film successfully infuses the age-old theme of family misunderstandings with Punjabi flair, creating a lighthearted comedy that resonates with audiences familiar with the genre. For those seeking a dose of laughter and cultural humor, this film offers a delightful escape into the amusing world of familial chaos and comical mix-ups.

Bina Band Chal England Punjabi Movie Review
Bina Band Chal England Punjabi Movie Review: A Hilarious Confusion
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