10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

India is home to a rich tapestry of saree brands, each weaving its own story of craftsmanship and elegance, with renowned names like Nalli Sarees, Sabyasachi, Mimosa, Meena Bazaar, Kalanjali, Libas, Manish Malhotra, Fabindia, Bharatsthali Sarees, and Kalamandir adorning the landscape of India's top saree brands.


10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023: Every woman’s closet must have a saree, as it provides a beautiful appearance that accentuates her personality. Sarees have long been considered traditional apparel, particularly in India. Therefore, sarees come in a variety of styles to suit the tastes and preferences of the country’s female population.

The saree, which reflects India’s diverse traditions, is a crucial part of its cultural legacy. India is home to several saree companies, each with its own distinctive fashions and designs.

If you want to learn more about the top brand of silk sarees or the most well-known saree companies in India, please continue reading.

10 Best Saree Brands In India

1. BharatSthali Sarees

Due to the large selection of sarees it offers online, Bharatsthali Sarees has become one of the best saree brands in India. Bharatsthali, the top saree brand online, provides sarees that are both classic and modern, catering to a wide range of preferences. Bharatsthali is well-known in India for its high quality and reasonable prices, making it a popular choice among saree enthusiasts.

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10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

2. Fab India Sarees

Fabindia is a well-known brand that sells apparel, textiles, and ethnic goods made by rural Indian craftsmen. Established in 1960, the company has gained significant attention for its innovative designs created by native Indian artisans. Fabindia aims to provide employment opportunities to local artists in rural areas and support their livelihoods.

The sarees offered by Fabindia showcase a contemporary appearance with a delightful combination of Indian and Western elements.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

3. Kalamandir Sarees

Kalamandir, a saree company specializing in traditional clothing, offers a wide range of historically beautiful and elegant sarees suitable for important occasions and customary celebrations. The company provides a vast selection of magnificent zari-adorned sarees with broad borders, ensuring a classic and refined appearance.

As one of the best saree brands in India, Kalamandir offers sarees in a variety of fashions to cater to diverse preferences.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

4. Kalanjali Sarees

Kalanjali is the principal supplier of sarees from South India, and its brand is well-known not only in South India but also in other parts of the country. Additionally, this brand has made its mark in various Western countries as a prominent supplier of pure silk sarees.

Kalanjali manufactures both formal and informal sarees, all meticulously handmade with incredibly intricate designs. These sarees attract a vast audience due to their craftsmanship. If you are looking to purchase a silk saree for any occasion or regular use, Kalanjali Sarees should be considered as one of the top Pure Silk Saree Brands on your list.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

5. Libas Sarees

When it comes to ethnic attire, Libas offers a comprehensive range of clothing options. From kurtas and dresses to salwars and sarees, they have everything a woman could desire. Their collection of sarees is particularly stunning, featuring a wide variety of options ranging from everyday wear to opulent attire. In terms of quality, Libas ranks among the top luxury saree brands in India.

Sarees hold an iconic status in Indian clothing, and almost all women have a long-standing love affair with them. Libas uses a variety of fabrics in the creation of their sarees, including silk, brocade, chiffon, georgette, cotton, crepe, and linen. Different textiles are suitable for various seasons and occasions, offering versatility in their offerings.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

6. Manish Malhotra Sarees

Manish Malhotra Sarees are simply irresistible. The brand has positioned itself as one of the top saree brands in India with its stunning and luxurious saree collection. It is widely recognized as one of the most renowned companies in India, offering a delightful fusion of classic and contemporary patterns that people absolutely adore. A Manish Malhotra saree is a fantastic choice for any occasion, be it a wedding or a party. It is a must-have collection among designer saree brands.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

7. Meena Bazaar Sarees

Meena Bazaar sarees from Delhi have been a favorite among Indian consumers since 1970. Over time, it has become one of India’s most recognized clothing brands, extending its popularity beyond Delhi. Meena Bazaar is adored by women of all backgrounds, including businesswomen and celebrities. For traditional women’s sarees, Meena Bazaar in Delhi is considered the ultimate destination. The brand offers the highest quality sarees with a wide range of options at affordable prices, positioning itself among the top designer saree brands.

The sarees from Meena Bazaar are renowned for their stylish and contemporary designs. They are crafted from premium materials such as georgette, silk, and crepe, ensuring a luxurious feel and appearance.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

8. Mimosa Sarees

Mimosa, one of the top saree brands in India, has a rich history in the saree business. It is renowned as one of the most successful manufacturers of silk saris in the country. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Mimosa operates nationwide through its online stores. The brand offers premium products at affordable prices, making it a popular choice among customers.

Mimosa is known for its beautiful Kanchipuram and silk sarees, which are known for their versatility, attractiveness, and reasonable prices. The brand is recognized as one of the well-known pure silk saree brands in the industry. Additionally, for achieving the desired silhouette, you can wear saree shapewear underneath your saree.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

9. Nalli Sarees

The name Nalli Sarees needs no introduction. With a history dating back to 1928, Nalli is recognized as one of the top saree brands in India. It is India’s favorite saree brand, renowned for its exquisite designs, premium fabrics, and expert craftsmanship. Nalli offers a wide range of options to suit everyone’s preferences, including elegant silk sarees, chic cotton sarees, and stylish designer sarees.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

10. Sabyasachi Sarees

The Sabyasachi saree collections offer an exquisite fusion of ostentatious patterns and Indian weaving techniques. Whether they belong to a historical collection or a royal bridal collection, Sabyasachi sarees beautifully represent the art and cultural history of India. The brand is renowned for offering the best sarees, ranging from simple to intricate designs, each meticulously crafted. Sabyasachi sarees are available in a variety of styles, including handwoven, printed, embroidered, bordered, floral, khadi, cotton, and silk sarees, which are loved by many. It is undoubtedly one of the well-known luxury saree brands in India.

10 Best Saree Brands in India in 2023

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