10 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix

Top Fantasy Series on Netflix


Watching fantasy shows offers a captivating escape from regular life into a world of wonders that isn’t limited by the boundaries of imagination. Speaking of imagination, Best Fantasy Series on Netflix transports viewers to enchanted worlds where magic, mythical creatures, and epic adventures, offer a virtual world from the constraints of reality.

We all live in the world of the best fantasy book series, Where you can dive into deep, and ask interesting questions about right and wrong. Think about complex characters, all while enjoying the magic of amazing, Fantasy places and superhuman powers. Fantasy shows on OTT provide us with entertainment and a powerful place to explore our world’s complexities through the lens of the extraordinary, being part of the world of vivid imagination and the endless possibilities that lie beyond the ordinary.

Best Fantasy series on Netflix that is famous

Top 10 Best Fantasy Series That Is Popular On Netflix

Here is the list of Top Fantasy Series With The Release Year and IMDb Rating

Series NameRelease YearIMDb/10
Stranger Things15 July 20168.7
Shadow and Bone23 April 20217.6
The witcher20 December 20198
The chilling Adventure of Sabrina26 October 20187.4
Locke & Key7 February 20207.3
The Sandman5 August 20227.7
The Dark Crystal: Age of resistance30 August 20198.4
Cursed17 July 20206
Wednesday23 November 20228.1
Sweet Tooth4 June 20217.8

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Stranger Things

Stranger things is the best fantasy series on Netflix

Earning its place amongst highly rated IMDb, the best fantasy series on Netflix is Stranger Things. This sci-fi fantasy series is a captivating journey back to the 1980s. It seamlessly weaves together parallel world phenomena, government plots, and a close-knit group of youngsters united by a common mission: rescuing their friend from a nightmarish dimension known as the Upside Down. Set against a nostalgic backdrop of the ’80s, this series expertly combines supernatural elements, suspenseful intrigue, and the enduring power of friendship, making it a must-watch for fans of the fantasy genre.

Shadow and Bone

Shadow bone is one of the best fantasy series on Netflix

Ranked among the top web series on Netflix, this series is a captivating adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels. It revolves around a young soldier who stumbles upon an extraordinary power, potentially capable of uniting her strife-ridden and war-torn world. As she encounters this newfound ability, viewers are immersed in a spellbinding tale of courage, magic, and a quest for harmony in a tumultuous realm, making it a standout choice for fantasy enthusiasts.

The Witcher

Ranked the best fantasy shows on Netflix
to watch

One of the best fantasy series available on Netflix, this Emmy-nominated drama adapts the dark fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The series centers around Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, a mutated hunter skilled in dealing with dangerous monsters for a fee. However, his fate becomes intertwined with that of an orphaned princess possessing mysterious magical abilities.

While Geralt deals with deadly creatures, he finds it much harder to avoid getting into the power struggles among rival monarchs and sorcerers. With Season 3 set to premiere this year (following the release of the prequel, “The Witcher: Blood Origin,” in 2022), fans can look forward to Liam Hemsworth taking on the role of Geralt in Season 4.

The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

Sabrina is one of the top fantasy series on Netflix

This series explores the dual life of a teenage girl Sabrina, which is already challenging but takes on a whole new level of complexity, as portrayed by Kiernan Shipka. Sabrina must juggle her time between two schools, Baxter High and the Academy of the Unseen Arts, and her struggle is compounded by the heavy presence of supernatural horror. Based on the Archie Comics character and considered one of the top Netflix shows that delves into Sabrina’s quest to maintain a clear divide between her mortal and witch identities while remaining steadfast in her strong beliefs.

Alongside this, the series also offers a healthy dose of passionate romance, as Sabrina finds herself torn between her wholesome human boyfriend, Harvey, and the alluring warlock, Nick. The story is intriguing and it will keep you till the end of the show because you can never be bored watching the adventure of Sabrina.

Locke & Key

Locke and Key is the top ranked fantasy series on Netflix

One of the standout entries in the list of best fantasy shows on Netflix, this series tells the tale of three siblings who, following the tragic murder of their father, take up residence in a house brimming with enchanted keys. These keys hold the key to a world of extraordinary powers and hidden secrets. As the siblings unlock the mysteries of their newfound home, they are drawn into a mesmerizing and suspenseful journey that blends magic, family bonds, and the pursuit of truth, making it a must-watch for fantasy enthusiasts.

The Sandman

10 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix

The Sandman” is an excellent work of Neil Gaiman’s DC Comics creation, showing a magic experience to their enthusiastic viewers. It immerses viewers in the intricate tales of Morpheus, the ruler of dreams, who, after enduring over a century of captivity, must reclaim his authority and rectify past errors. The series shows his struggle as a God and how it changes the course of his life. Its eye-catching costumes, intense scenes, stunning special effects, and some horror moments make this show truly remarkable.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

10 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix

The Dark Crystal, gives you chills when you read the words however, this show serves as a prequel to the beloved Jim Henson film. Employing a blend of puppetry and cutting-edge visual effects, it narrates the epic saga of a Gelfling uprising against the tyrannical Skeksis, bringing to life a rich and enchanting world where bravery and determination ignite a rebellion to challenge oppression. If you are a fan of animation and of course fantasy worlds, give it a must-watch.


10 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix

Cursed is one of the top fantasy web series on Netflix, which takes you on the Arthurian legend, revolves around Nimue, a young woman with an unusual ability. After meeting a young mercenary, their mission is to find the legendary Merlin and bring an ancient sword of great value. This show makes you irresistible to watch and the show dives deep into a world with magic, and destiny, which is making it a top choice for fans of fantasy.


Wednesday is the best ranked fantasy show on Netflix

This show makes you feel the imagination and the story revolves around the Addams Family, with the main character Wednesday Addams. It is more like a supernatural story with a flavour of comedy but fantasy lovers going to love the skills of the main protagonist played by Jenna Ortega. With Tim Burton’s distinctive style and the iconic Addams Family lore, “Wednesday” holds great promise for fantasy enthusiasts looking for a darkly whimsical and supernatural show on Netflix.

Sweet tooth

10 Best Fantasy Series On Netflix

Within the ranks of the best fantasy series on Netflix, a spellbinding adventure unfolds in a world scarred by a pandemic. This epic tale draws inspiration from Jeff Lemire’s cherished comic series, “Sweet Tooth,” and revolves around the mysterious birth of human-animal hybrids during these troubled times, weaving a mesmerizing narrative tapestry.

What follows is a thrilling and perilous journey that teams up Gus with an unwilling guardian, portrayed by Nonso Anozie. Meanwhile, a doctor played by Adeel Akhtar races against time to find a cure for the disease to save his infected wife. This series on Netflix delivers an exceptional fantasy experience.

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