Bahubali or RRR, Which movie has a better storyline?


In Week 1, the Hindi version of RRR surpassed the Bahubali blockbuster’s lifetime box office. RRR made a massive debut, surpassing Rs 100 crore (Hindi) in just 5 days.


RRR, directed by SS Rajamouli, has created quite a stir. The film, which premiered in theatres on March 25, features Ram Charan, Jr NTR, Alia Bhatt, and Ajay Devgn in prominent roles. Rajamouli’s return following the blockbuster Bahubali series is billed as an epic historical action film. Fans, on the other hand, believe that RRR is superior to Baahubali! Fans have begun to evaluate the film on social media once the premieres began.

RRR or Bahubali

SS Rajamouli is noted for pushing the envelope with each of his films. With RRR, he surprised everyone once more, and the Jr NTR, Ram Charan-starrer is destroying the box office. According to the sources, the Hindi version of RRR surpassed Bahubali’s lifetime revenue in Week 1. This is a significant achievement for RRR, which is on its way to breaking even more milestones.

RRR outperforms Bahubali Life-long Profit in the first week

If Bahubali 1 and 2 drew the attention of the entire nation to SS Rajamouli, RRR demonstrated why he is a genius of storytelling. In just three days, RRR earned Rs 500 crore at the box office globally. The picture is now ruling the box office.

Bahubali Movie storyline:

The story follows Shiva (Prabhas), a young guy who is unaware of his ancestors (he was found as a baby at the foot of a waterfall by a tribe settled there). His childhood fantasy of climbing to the top of the waterfall cliff lives on into adulthood. When he succeeds, he is introduced to Maheshmati, a war-torn realm ruled by a wicked monarch, Bhallala Deva (Rana Dagubatti), who oppresses his inhabitants. Shiva also discovers a rival army of rebels plotting to free Devasena (Anushka Shetty), the former queen of Maheshmati who is currently imprisoned in Bhallala Deva’s palace.

The early part of the movie spends far too much time developing character attributes, and the love aspect between Shiva and Avanthika (Tamannaah Bhatia) is shaky and serves as a diversion. Part 2, on the other hand, erupts with many disclosures and twists that culminate in a war in all its dramatic splendor. When the film concludes after 159 minutes, announcing the sequel for 2016, you’re left feeling let down. The wait seems interminable, and having to say goodbye to Maheshmati’s lovely environment (the aerial vistas are exquisite art) is heartbreaking.

RRR Movie Storyline:

Malli is abducted by Britishers for her exquisite singing in the Adilabad district of pre-independence India in the 1920s. Bheem (Jr NTR) is involved in bringing her back, while Raam (Ram Charan) accepts the bounty to apprehend him. Raam, did you catch Bheem? The primary assumption of RRR is whether or not he realized his folly and assisted Bheem in his quest.

RRR is a film that extols Indian cinema in its entirety. SS Rajamouli adds to the mix his idea of creating a massive canvas melodrama with all of the major action centered on a banal narrative of brotherhood. Furthermore, it is his excitement and ability to think large that propels the RRR globe to new heights.

Final Verdict:

Rajamouli’s films are typically on fantasy and Hindu folklore. As a result, both RRR and Bahubali offer outstanding work when it comes to plot, characters, suspense, action, and reputation. If you have finished viewing both parts of Bahubali, we are confident that you will enjoy Rajamouli’s new film RRR. According to the plot, both RRR and Bahubali will offer you extra punch and guess bumps. Furthermore, if you haven’t seen both films yet, Flickonclick recommends adding both to your watch list for an ultimate thrill.

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