August 16, 1947 Movie Review: A Dull Affair

August 16, 1947 Movie Review: The film's writer-director NS Ponkumar chose a very large canvas of the story but could not bring it to the screen properly.


August 16, 1957 Movie Review: The film falls flat and does not liven up the emotions and expectations that the trailer generated. It is a simplistic drama that won’t make much difference to you.

August 16, 1947 Movie Review Rating: ⭐⭐

August 16, 1947 Movie Cast: Gautham Karthik, Pugazh, Richard Ashton, Revathy Sharma and the ensemble

August 16, 1947 Movie Director: N.S. Ponkumar

August 16, 1947 Movie Story: A fictional, isolated village in Madras prior to independence is run by an awful British general. The narrative spans three days and follows the lives of the deprived, illiterate, and oppressed villagers as they wait for news of India’s independence.

August 16, 1947 Movie Review: A Dull Affair

August 16, 1947 Movie Review

In the film ‘August 16, 1947’ it is shown that the innocent villagers of Sengadu are brutally tortured by the British Army. The son of a British officer is debauched. The girl of the village whom he catches his eye, gets her picked up. Due to this fear, the people of the village bury their daughters alive in the soil before they become young. The conscience of the villagers awakens when the hero of the film kills the son of a British officer to protect the honor of his girlfriend. In the midst of all these developments, the country has become independent.

The claim has been that ‘August 16, 1947’ is a lost story of India’s freedom struggle. But after watching the entire film, the lost story was not visible anywhere. Except that the news of independence reaches the villagers of Sengadu a day later and the film ends there. The way the innocent villagers are tortured by the British, the audience has already seen such scenes in many films. Before the release of the film, this film was told to be a unique story of love, courage and patriotism, but in the film, neither the culmination of love, nor courage, nor any spirit of patriotism was shown, which would thrill the audience.

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These days every filmmaker from South wants to release his film across the country. During this time of taking a dip in the flowing Ganga, the desire remains that I wish his film also becomes another ‘Bahubali’ or another ‘Pushpa’. But, all the voices of these movies being dubbed in Hindi sound the same. It seems that watching a dubbed film of South on some TV channel, not a film. All these films are dubbed by taking a contract and no one pays attention to whether the actors doing the dubbing match the stature of the actors acting in them or not.

Tamil cinema’s famous actor Gautham Karthik is in the lead role in the film. He started his career in Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Kadal’. He had a good chance to become a pan India star through ‘August 16,1947’ but he was seen overacting in many scenes of the film. The film’s heroine Revati Sharma is debuting with this film. According to the first film, he has tried to do better work, but to stay in the industry for a long time, he needs to work hard on himself. Richard Ashton has certainly been seen showing his mettle in the role of an English officer. The performances of Pugaj, Jason Shah and the rest of the cast were average.

The film’s writer-director NS Ponkumar chose a very large canvas of the story but could not bring it to the screen properly. The film ends where the real story of the film begins. There was a need to do a lot of research before making a film on such a subject. As a regional cinema, ‘August 16, 1947’ is a normal film, but there is no all-India charm in the film. The cinematography, editing and background music of the film is average. The songs of the film are also not such that one can remember them after watching the film.

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