Attack Movie Review: An amalgamation of Sci-Fi and disaster


Attack, the over-the-top sci-fi thriller directed by debutant Lakshya Raj Anand is now running in theatres across India. The movie spawned from John Abraham’s idea is filled with borrowed technology and references from Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The convenient use of nationalism in combination with ridiculous scientific advancement turns the film into a complete disaster. John Abraham and his love affair with opportune patriotism continue with this film that is purely fan service for action lovers.

Attack Movie Cast Review:

John Abraham plays the super-soldier Arjun Shergill with utmost precision in this crackpot of a movie. Jacqueline Fernandez, who plays John’s love interest, Ayesha, should be credited as a cameo instead of the lead heroine. Her only job in the movie is to highlight the emotional wounds that the protagonist has suffered to turn him into a monstrous death machine.

Prakash Raj, the brilliant actor, is fabulous in his portrayal of Arjun Shergill’s superior, but even then, he could not uplift the story that was born to be doomed. Rakul Preet Singh’s portrayal of Dr Sabaha Qureshi might be the only positive in the movie, which is the first instalment of the film to follow.

Attack Movie Storyline:


Attack begins with an attack by Arjun Shergill led soldiers on a militant group hiding in Rawalakot. Major Shergill efficiently leads the pack to cut off the head of terrorist groups’ leader. The movie shifts a few years later when Major Arjun meets the flight attendant Ayesha. The two fall in love at first sight, and Shergill falls into the realm of imagining his love life before tragedy strikes to rob him of everything that he has desired.

Arjun was rendered wheelchair bounded and, with Ayesha dead, had no hope to live for. However, out of the blue, he is contacted by his former superior, VK Subramanian, played by Prakash Raj, to take part in an experiment to turn him into a super-soldier. Dr Sabaha Qureshi develops a chip that cures Arjun’s disability and maximises his strength to the level of superheroes.

Arjun is then tasked with killing Hamid Gul, a terrorist with an elaborate sinister plan to destroy India. The rest of the plot focuses on Shergill’s superhuman efforts against the terrorist to save India from a potential attack.

Attack Movie Review:

john abraham

Attack is a cheap copy of RoboCop, Source Code, Uri: The Surgical Strike and a number of a lot more movies that you might reminisce about while watching Abraham’s super-soldier flick. The film lacks the originality needed to establish a unique place in the hearts and minds of people. The idea of an insanely powerful chip that can provide superhuman strength is explicitly borrowed from RoboCop without any credits. In contrast, the concept of carrying out a raid is clearly inspired by Vicky Kaushal’s Uri.

Everyone other than John Abraham is nothing but convenient means to build up the action sequences in the film. Except for Arjun, all other characters in the flick have no intricate storylines and connections to look forward to. Jacqueline Fernandez is reduced to another wound that the super-soldier has suffered to become a relentless killing machine.

Attack does not have any sense of shrouded mystery in the plot, and everything is easily predictable. One would expect a sci-fi thriller to feature some surprising turns of events, but surprisingly the movie strays away. Post interval, the film is nothing but pure action that keeps you wondering when the imminent climax will occur. Thus, visit the theatres only if you are a die-hard John Abraham fan and the plot and storyline are all secondary to you.

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