Another Complete Lockdown In Delhi and Maharashtra?


Delhi and Maharashtra- the two severely hit states in India– is planning to apply complete lockdown till June 30. As per the indications made by the respective state governments, a new lockdown can start after June 15. 

Complete Lockdown

Conditions in both states have crossed every barrier of predictions. As of June 13, Maharashtra crossed 1 lakh cases with 101,141 cases and 3,493 new infections. The toll of this state stands at 3,717. 

The state has been recording 100 fatalities and 2,000 new patients daily since Unlock 1.0. For the past 11 days, the Maharashtra government saw the biggest peak-jump in the COVID-19 patients in the country. 

Now, looking over Delhi, the situation is as critical as Maharashtra. As the number reached 36,000 tested cases and 1,214 fatalities, as of June 13. The state recorded some of the highest peaks in the patients who need ventilators. 

As per the data, around 345 patients are on ventilators or in ICU under critical conditions. Resources stated that buying an ICU bed in a private hospital in Delhi costs Rs 1Lakh. And government hospitals have already listed out due to scarcity of resources. 

Among all of this pandemic-stampede, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray finally talked to the reporters about his upcoming measures. In the talk, Thackeray hinted towards imposing strict rules and a “Complete Lockdown” in the state. 

Thackeray talked about the people’s witless behavior against the administration. This relates to Thursday when people were spotted breaking rules after Unlock 1.0 on prominent places including the Mumbai Marine Drive and the Juhu Beach.  

“People were seen forming crowds and breaking all norms of social distancing. So, if people continue to defy the lockdown rules, the government will have no option but to implement it strictly”, warned Shiv Sena president.

Similarly, situations have also been deteriorating in Delhi. Delhi is striving hard to bring down any community transmission in the capital. Though experts suggest that it might be happening, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia differed from the fact. 

In an interview given this week, Manish Sisodia stated that as of now, Delhi has no community transmission of COVID-19.  However, he did raise out a prediction that the city could surpass around 5.5 lakh COVID-19 cases by July 31.

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Supreme Court Slams Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

Only adding to the unrest of the Delhi government, the Supreme Court slammed Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP Party regarding a PIL filed in the court. The PIL was raised for imposing a “Complete Lockdown”.

Till now, no official announcement has been made regarding the safeguard of the citizens in each estate. Currently, India stands at fourth position in the world ranking with 3,09,603 cases, 154,330 recovered, and toll count of 8,890.

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