8 Reasons Why You Should Not Watch Heropanti 2


Tiger Shroff starrer Heropanti 2, the sequel of his hit debut movie Heropanti released in the theatres on 29th April 2022. The film is gaining an edge over Runway 34, released on the same day. It had a massive pre-booking of about ₹4 crores that reaffirmed the stardom Tiger Shroff has managed to create in Bollywood. However, even though the movie is succeeding, there is no freshness in the concept, and in our opinion, it would be wise to get yourself busy with something else this weekend.


Here are 8 reasons to avoid Heropanti 2:

1- Choti Bacchi Ho kya

Some of the hilarious memes on social platforms are dedicated to this dialogue nowadays. However, when we list this as a reason not to watch Heropanti 2, it’s all because there is no merit in watching an old action flick with a repetitive storyline.

2- Too Much Experiment

Heropanti 2 suffers from too-much experimentation that diverts the film from its purpose—combining sci-fi elements, a psycho killer, a hero who defies all odds and cliches that gets way too tiring. The movie fails to capitalise on its potential.

3- Baaghi 2

You must be surprised why we have listed Baaghi 2 as one of the reasons for not watching Heropanti 2. Because the film makes Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2 look like a classic that was perhaps criticised too hastily by the viewers.

4- Cut-paste Story


If you have seen Tiger Shroff’s movies, we are sure you don’t even need to watch the Heropanti 2 to tell the story to anyone. The film is a classic cut-paste job of all the earlier movies of Tiger Shroff.

5- Confused Narrative

Director Ahmed Khan’s Heropanti 2 is a movie that seems confused about what direction it wants to move the narrative. The film is so good at confusing the viewers it might end by reminding one of the Hollywood movie, Inception.

6- Underutilisation of Nawazuddin Siddiqui

We are stunned that an actor of Nawazuddin’s calibre is reduced to a mockery of a villain in the film. Siddiqui could have done wonders for the movie if more creative freedom had been allowed.

7- Action sequences

Heropanti 2 has some of the best cinematographer action sequences in Bollywood. However, the films suffer from the lack of persistence in pursuing the meaning or consequences of those action scenes. It makes the action look meaningless.

8- Convenient Romance

Heropanti 2 includes a few romantic scenes just to please a section of the viewers. The movie would have been better off without the slow-paced unnecessary romantic elements forcefully shoved into the film’s final version.

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