7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

Here are some of the horrible mistakes by Adipurush makers


Adipurush recently released in the theatres and the viewers are not happy with the makers. The film got mostly negative reviews and is now heading towards being one of the biggest flops of the recent times. Adipurush was made on an estimated budget of around Rs 600 Crores. The makers took extra six months to improve the VFX quality after the public backlash of the first trailer which was released in 2022. However, it seems that Adipurush has failed on many aspects and fans are criticising the makers of the film on various social media handles.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush

1- Tapori-Esque Dialogues

Adipurush makers have been heavily criticised for using Tapori type language in the film. Both the characters of Ravana and Hanuman use language that does not seem fit for the Gods. Here are some dialogues which did not go well with the viewers:

  • “Jo humari behno ko haath lagaayenge, unki lanka laga denge”
  • “Teri bua ka bageecha hai, jo hawa khane aa gaya?”
  • “Jali na teri? Ab aur jalegi”

Manoj Muntashir tried to defend the dialogues at first but then said that a few dialogues will be changed in the film.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

2- Lord Ram’s Unrealistic Look

The viewers are not happy with the portrayal of Lord Ram in Adipurush. People are criticising the costume choices for the characters. Prabhas’ one look from the look has gone viral for being more similar to Jesus than Lord Ram.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

3- Too Modern Ravana

Saif Ali Khan portrays the modern Ravana in Adipurush with spiky hairs. Viewers are saying that Adipurush makers have ruined the essence of Ramayana with their poor choices. Ravana is also seen to be a welder which does not sit well with the viewers.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

4- Lord Hanuman’s Casting and Look

Lord Hanuman’s casting and look from the film is among the most talked about things on the social media nowadays. Devdatta Nage as Hanuman did not go well with the viewers. People are saying that the makers have given Hanuman a look which does not represent the Lord as depicted in Ramayana. Also, the use of beard for Lord Hanuman is a complete blunder by the makers.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

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5- Narrative Diverting from Ramayana

The makers of Adipurush have been heavily criticised for moulding the narrative of the film and shifting away from Ramayana. Viewers have pointed out that Maa Sita was never taken to battlefield in the Ramayana but in Adipurush the reality seems to be altered. The inaccuracies of Adipurush just does not seem to end.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

6- Meghanad’s Resemblance to the Vikings

Meghanad’s look in the Adipurush is also in question as the warriors body have been shown to be covered in tattoos. This poor choice has led to people call out the makers on social media. They are saying that this tattooed body is more suitable for a Viking than a character of Ramayana.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

7- Ravana in T-Shirt

In one of the scenes from Adipurush, Ravana played by Saif Ali Khan can be seen in a T-shirt. This made the fans furious and they lashed out at the costume designer and director the film. The viewers are saying that Adipurush has made a mockery of Indian scripture, Ramayana.

7 Horrifying Mistakes in Adipurush That Disappointed Everyone

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