5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

Here are the 5 ultimate podcast editing tools for the beginners in 2023.


Podcasts have gotten hugely popular for their relatable insights and interesting tones. On Purpose With Jay Shetty, The Ranveer Show, and Indian Noir are some of the famous Indian podcasts that have taken the world by storm. These podcasters are making a huge amount of money with the time and effort they spend in making their podcasts engaging, inspiring and eventful. They are inspiring a new generation of enthusiast who wants to create their own talk show and talk about the things they can relate to or find interesting to hear.

However, one must gotta edit their podcast with the best tools to get the best results. A podcast which uses audio effects to remove any unnecessary mistakes that may have occurred during the recording has a higher chance of attracting listeners than a podcast which seems to not care about the mistakes. The podcast tools that we have listed here are perfect for beginners to edit their podcasts with ease and get the best out of themselves at early stages in their careers.


5 Best Tools for Beginners to Edit Podcast

1- Garageband

5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

Garageband is the best podcast editing tool for newcomers. The easy-to-use interface of the software makes it a popular platform for all newbie podcasters to edit and customise their recorded sessions. The best thing about the Garageband is that it is completely free. There are a versatile set of audio recording tools, which makes it a perfect choice for beginner podcasters to learn about editing audio.

2- Audacity

5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

Recording interviews, music or any other type of audio through a mixer or microphone is a smooth and hassle-free experience with Audacity. The easy-to-use interface of this software makes even inexperienced podcasters feel like a pro when they are recording audio with the help of Audacity. Also, just like Garageband, Audacity is free software. The most impressive thing about Audacity is that it can even satisfy the demands of seasoned podcasters with a plethora of powerful editing tools. It even supports various plugins which can turn the software into a complete powerhouse when it comes to editing audio for podcasts.

3- Adobe Audition

5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

The iconic Adobe Audition software has everything you need to record or edit a new episode of your podcast. There are a variety of podcast templates to choose from. You can even record several voices at once with Adobe Audition. There are also royalty-free sound effects that can take your podcast audio to the next level. Adobe Audition packs several other features like waveform and multitrack recording, which make it one of the most versatile podcast recording apps. However, the complex interface to this podcast editing tool can prove to be a bit handy for newbies.

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4- Alitu

5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

If you want to save time on the post-production of your podcast, Alitu is the perfect editing software for you. The tool seamlessly removes all the background noises from the audio clips that you import into it and also enhances the quality of the audio. Moreover, it can quickly merge audio files and help you create a podcast episode in just a few minutes of time. There is also theme music features that can be used as the intro and outro for your podcast episodes. It is reliable and underrated software that a beginner in the podcast world should definitely check out.

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5- Reaper

5 Essential Podcast Audio Editing Tools for the Beginners in 2023

Reaper is best for those who record audio through MacBooks or computers. It features an extensive line of tools, including multi-track, midi recording, mixing and mastering. Reaper also provides a variety of digital audio file formats, which enables the users to edit their audio regardless of the file format. With Reaper, you can make use of a broad spectrum of external audio recording hardware to make your podcast audio more interesting and advanced.

These are the best user-friendly audio editing tools for beginner podcasters in 2023. Do try them and let us know through social media platforms about the one which suits your preferences.


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